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Meet Fynne

Having missed crucial basic training and socialisation at a young age Fynne came into care with little idea of how to behave or interact with people and other dogs. Since then she has been receiving guidance and training from her carer in basic commands and can now sit and wait to be released for meals or for going through doors. She is currently working on drop from the sitting position. She now knows how to play fetch and can retrieve and drop the ball/toy for as long as you wish to throw for her.

Her interaction with people can be quite enthusiastic, having not quite finished the teenager stage, but she does respond so well to positive rewards. She does not jump on anyone in the family but still gets excited when a stranger comes into the yard. She listens when she is instructed not to jump up, but has not yet found this an intrinsic skill. Fynne hardly ever barks, if ever she does it's due to someone approaching the door late at night. She absolutely loves to chase the garden hose and would spend hours trying to catch the water spray if you let her, she's even attempted some swimming in our pool. Once or twice accidentally and a few times on purpose as she wants to be with us when we play. After some consistant training she now walks on lead very well for me and will sit at the pavement edge and wait for my signal to cross, however she has not yet been fully socialised with other dogs. She is improving with her interactions but still has some way to go before she will be relaxed in other dogs company. Her enthusiasm, excitement and sometimes fear of other dogs, (depending on their demeanor) needs to be managed and she needs direction and guidance in how to behave appropriately. Therefore previous experience of German Shepherds will be looked on favorably when rehoming Fynne. She is attending dog training school at the moment to improve her social interactions with other dogs and is progessing well.

She was underweight when she came into care but has blossomed nicely. Though she can be fussy over food she is always polite and sits well, ready to be fed. She needs a caring environment with a firm approach and strong leadership. She will take a little time to bond to you but once she does you will rewarded with a totally loyal companion.

Fynne was adopted on 30 November 2008 after 1 month in foster care

  • Purebred German Shepherd
  • female
  • 06 December 2006
  • $250
  • 12 October 2008
  • 30 November 2008

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