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Meet Marshall and Maddie

Marshall and Madison, or MandM as we call them, are from a recent litter taken from the pound. They are Mastiff x but do not stand up against the typical size of a mastiff pup for their current age, so we doubt they will reach that size.

Marshall is an intelligent little guy, who is learning to sit, come to his name and is adapting well to the home environment. Marshall being the more active one is always running jumping and playing and is always the ring leader for their little expeditions in the backyard and after you can usually find him asleep under the couch. He gets on well with other dogs has learned his position of hierarchy with cats and loves to be around people.

Maddie is smaller than her brother and you could say doesn't even look like she is from the same litter. She is a beautiful chocolate brown in colour with a very short smooth and soft coat. She has an extremely cute disposition. She loves to cuddle, and just as clever as Marshall learning to sit and fit well into the family environment. Maddie being a sookie baby is such a sweetheart once you seen how cuddly and adorable she is you'll understand why her name is Maddie.

They're both such a joy to have around. And are also very curious of their surroundings and like to be included in all the action. Maddie and Marshall are located on the central coast.

Marshall and Maddie was adopted on 24 November 2008 after 1 weeks in foster care

  • Mastiff x
  • mixed
  • 22 August 2008
  • $250
  • 16 November 2008
  • 24 November 2008

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