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Meet Bronson

Free to Good Home Dog

Benson is a beautiful boy who loves cuddles and kisses. I have to re-home him as he has grown a LOT bigger then I expected and its not fair to Benson to keep him in such a small yard. He is fully house trained as he mostly lives inside. He will Sit, Shake Hands and Kiss on Command. Benson loves running but will not run away, whistle and he will come running back for a pat and a hug. When I walk him around the block and I usually never have to put him on the lead. He loves the beach and going to the park. However he is a big sook as he only likes paying with dogs that are smaller then he is. Benson is also GREAT with kids, as my son plays pretty rough with him and he just takes it all. Benson loves having his belly rubbed and likes being brushed. Benson is still a puppy so he still likes to chew a little and only likes toys that make noises. Loves squeaky balls and teddy bears. At the moment he has an inside toy and an outside toy and he knows not to take the inside one out or the outside one in. Its hard to believe, but he can use a doggy door that is suitable for a Staffy. Benson looks like a Rottie in the face and has the Rottie colouring in his face and legs, however has the hair in between a husky and a german sheppard. I will be very sad to see Benson go, however its also not fair on him to be kept in such a small yard / house. To Adopt Benson you must be a Dog Lover, who allows dogs into your home. You must have a large yard and be able to include Benson in your family life. Benson loves kids and protects my son at all times. Although he is not the best guard dog. He looks the part but his bark is much worse then his bite (actually I don't think he knows how to bite) The best way to describe Benson is Loving Gentle Giant who thinks his a lap dog...........

Bronson was adopted on 08 May 2008 after 5 months in foster care

  • Rotti x Husky
  • male
  • 11 October 2008
  • 08 May 2008

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Last updated: 11 October 2008