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Meet Sharni

Sharni is a playful cheeky pup and very typical of a young Cattle Dog.. She loves to nibble on toes and tries to heel already but her only intention is to play with whoever and whatever she can.. She is a fiesty little girl (in a positive sense) and shows no fear to the older pups or adult dogs in her foster home, defending what she feels is her right (like her food bowl) with a stern and assertive grumble to let them know that while she might be small she will not let them bully her..

Sharni would be best suited to a home with older/teenage children or where there are no children due to her playful nature and her tendency to try and nibble on toes. This is only since we are mindful of the playfulness of some dogs, and the potential for such play to scare young children. Sharni would do well at obedience as she gets older and should prove to be a pup who will be loyal and eager to please her owners. While she enjoys the company of other dogs she would probably also suit a home where she is the only dog, as long as she is afforded the attention and companionship of her owners.

Sharni was adopted on 04 March 2008 after 1 month in foster care

  • Cattle x
  • female
  • 06 November 2007
  • $250
  • 07 January 2008
  • 04 March 2008

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