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Meet Kobi

Kobi is the sweetest most affectionate dog you'll ever meet. He loves a cuddle and i do mean literally to snuggle right into your side and rest his head on you, he is very devoted. Kobi loves to fetch the ball for you and equally so he loves his walks. He is good on a lead, he gets quite excited (does a happy dance in circles) when he knows he's about to go for his walk but once he is out and walking he's fine. Kobi allways gives you direct eye contact and almost looks like he understands you. There have been many days when i have come home after a bad day and he will come up and put his head on my knee and just look up at me. It's difficult not to smile when he does this. Kobi needs to be your number 1 he's just that kind of dog he has so much to give and would be heartbroken if he was left outside in a yard all day. Because of this we are looking for a home where he will be allowed inside as part of the family and with someone who loves and appreciates this affectionate bundle of happiness. Kobi will also need a home where there are no small children but older children 8 and above would be fine. Kobi is good with other dogs and doesn't even mind going to the vet to the point where he will jump up on the examination table of his own accord lol.

Kobi was adopted on 02 March 2008 after 1 month in foster care

  • Cocker Spaniel x Poodle
  • male
  • 26 March 2004
  • $250
  • 19 January 2008
  • 02 March 2008

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