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Meet Taylor, Fender, Gibson

These gorgeous pups are 4 of a litter of 9 that were abandoned in a small cardboard box in a pound.. They are sweet natured pups who have flourished in the few days they have been in care, quickly developing their own personalities.


was the biggest of the litter. She is an independent, happy girl who loves a cuddle. She has a beautiful coat which is nice and plush like baby cattle dogs, which is blue in colour with lovely black patches on her back. Taylor likes to play with toys and explore, without worrying if any of her brothers want to or not.


is the vocalist in this little team. He is quick to be in there telling us he wants something. He is all blue like the cattle dog in him with a black patch over one eye. Uncanny cos he would have to be considered the pirate of these pups. Gibson started off as the smallest of the 4 pups, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in personality. He is the pup that can take or leave the cuddle. Where the other's will snuggle up to your neck. He will use the snuggle as an excuse to climb up on your shoulders and explore whatever is behind you.


is a soft hearted smoochy boy, who is the smallest of the litter. He has a beautiful brindle face and lovely brindle patches on his blue body. His endearing nature and sweetness has escalated this boy to be his carers favourite. He may be slightly smaller than his brother's and sister at the moment but his appetite will see him catch up to them in no time. Available after 5th Nov 07 when 8 weeks old

enquiries welcome now.

Taylor, Fender, Gibson was adopted on 20 November 2007 after 4 weeks in foster care

  • Cattle x Staffy
  • mixed
  • 10 September 2007
  • $250
  • 24 October 2007
  • 20 November 2007

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Last updated: 24 October 2007