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Meet Bella

Hello my name is Bella and I'm a 3year old rottweiler cross so that makes me not as big as a pure rotti. I am enjoying the good life now that I am in foster care and I am very layback and really don't do want to much more other than laze my day away in a nice shaded place or do a bit of sunbaking. I am very affectinate and really love attention and getting hugs and pats. When I go for a walk, I don't pull on the lead or walk fast, actually I like to meander along and smell the roses. I am such a laid back girl that when I play with the kids in the backyard I manage 3-4 laps of our townhouse yard and then I have had enough. I know basic commands and will sit, shake and drop on command and will even retreive a ball when playing fetch. If you are looking for a really quiet, undemanding girl then that's me. I'm desexed so my having puppy days are over (thank goodness I've had too many). All I like to do is sleep, eat and sleep some more. My carer lets me come inside and I am also happy to be outside as well, I like it both ways. I sit well in the car and don't fuss, I just go to sleep. With my carer there are 3 kids and 3 cats, which now I know them all we're good friends, yes even the cats. I like to look at the cats with hungry eyes sometimes but I now know not to touch them. I prefer older kids over the age of 8 years because they let me sleep when I want to and don't annoy me like the younger ones. If you'd like to arrange to meet Bella as you think you have room for a super sweet layback girl then make the call. Bella is in care at Whalan

Bella was adopted on 05 November 2011 after 3 weeks in foster care

  • Rotti x
  • female
  • 28 September 2009
  • $350
  • 13 October 2011
  • 05 November 2011

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