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Meet Curlz

Smoochy and cuddly once she gets to know you. Curlz is named such as she is always curling her tail up, she is very pretty and has a lovely nature to go with it. She has come out of her shell from the frightened little kitty she used to be and grown into a beautiful young lady cat, who is happy to chatter, purr and play at every opportunity. She has an independent side but also can be extremely affectionate. Curlz currently lives inside only with another cat who she adores and looks up to. She wants to do anything that Stripes does, and is happy to play with the simplest of things, like foil balls and pens (which she steals and hides under rugs). Curlz needs to go to a home with no small children however as she can be scared by loud noises and intimidated when there are too many people around her. She would be the ideal companion for someone wanting a kitty who can be a friend too. While she has grown into the little lady cat that she is, her larrikin side sees her wandering around with a toy prawn or toy mouse in her mouth, while she lets out excited little meows. She is also quite the water baby, fascinated by running taps, drips and her water bowl which she plays in at times. She would be ideal for a home with another cat and/or a cat friendly dog who can become her friend and protector.

Curlz was adopted on 05 September 2007 after 6 months in foster care

  • DMH
  • female
  • 29 November 2006
  • black and white
  • $125
  • 23 February 2007
  • 05 September 2007

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