Meet Prickles

Special Needs Kitten

Prickles is an outgoing, spunky little girl with real personality and after a hard start to life she is finally looking forward to going to her forever home. Prickles was dumped as a 3-4 week old kitten at the pound, where she unfortunately contracted a chronic case of cat flu. At such a young age it was a tough fight for Prickles and the flu claimed the life of her sibling. She needed to be hand fed for almost 4 weeks but she is a real little fighter and now, although small for her age, she is finally looking fit and healthy, she is still a bit sniffly but she is getting better each day. You'd not know she had been so ill when you watched her do laps of the house and pounce and play with every toy she sees. She is extremely affectionate and loves cuddles and loves sitting on our shoulders and under our chins being very smoochy.

Prickles needs an understanding home that is aware that cat flu can re-occur, particularly during times of stress such as moving to a new home. She needs a home that is willing to love and care for her should this re-occur.

See Prickles’s success story »

See Prickles’s success story »

Prickles was adopted on 09 August 2007 after 1 week in foster care

  • DSH
  • female
  • 01 May 2007
  • tabby
  • $125
  • 02 August 2007
  • 09 August 2007

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