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Meet Bronson, Libby, Jazzy, Patch

Bronson: Bronson is a lovely smoochy boy. He rests his head against you or in your hand and will fall asleep there while he is being stroked. He's a beautiful, beautiful boy! Being a Mastiff cross he will grow to be a large dog and is allready quite solid. I think he will blossom into one of those lovely gentle big dogs. He's playful with his siblings and gets along well with all kinds of dogs. His coat is very smooth and short so is low maintainance. Bronson is not too cheeky but he will be a strong dog when grown so for this reason training as a pup is a must. The best thing about Bronson aside from his adorable handsome little face is how affectionate and sweet natured he is. He leans up against you for pats and looks up at you with his big brown eyes, he's impossible to resist.

Libby: Libby is a dear sweet little girl, she is very well behaved for such a young puppy. She gives gentle kisses and will happily be cuddled on your lap for as long as you let her. She is the quietest and most submissive of her siblings. Libby is no touble at all and is a pleasure to look after, bless her little heart. Libby gets along well with all kinds of dogs. She's quite happy to sun herself on her doggy bed and have a little play with her brother in the sandpit. She's affectionate but not too bouncy or in your face, she is a gentle soul. Libby has a short smooth easy care coat and should grow to be a meduim to large sized dog. Libby is a special little girl who needs a loving person/family to call her own. Could you be who she is waiting for?

Bronson, Libby, Jazzy, Patch was adopted on 21 May 2007 after 1 month in foster care

  • Mastiff x
  • male
  • 01 February 2007
  • $250
  • 10 April 2007
  • 21 May 2007

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