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Meet Ivory

Ivory is a big smoochy kitten with striking green eyes. He is dog and cat friendly and absolutely adores my three year old son. Ivory will come for cuddles all the time and he is the smoochiest, most affectionate cat who loves his human family. He will follow you around the house and he would fit in very easily with existing pets and children or by himself. A big boy for his age, he plays like a little kitten and loves to be outside for very short periods. Ivory spends 95% of the day inside and as he is pure white, he would need to have his time outdoors limited. He loves a warm spot to sleep in and he will happily sleep near a sunny window. If Ivory were to be let outside, he would need a secure space which he cannot escape from and access to inside and shade at all times. He chases his dog and cat playmates around the backyard and he would be fine with a gentle cat friendly dog who is not too boisterous or who would snap at him. Ivory would settle into his new forever home very easily as he is such a friendly and outgoing baby and he is waiting to meet his new forever family who will simply adore his personality.

Ivory was adopted on 02 October 2011 after 1 month in foster care

  • DSH
  • male
  • 29 December 2010
  • white
  • $140
  • 21 August 2011
  • 02 October 2011

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