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Meet Darcie

Darcie is a sweet girl with a lot of love to give. She enjoys the company of children. Darcie is very intelligent and easy to train using positive methods, and has graduated from the Norwest Introductory Flyball course. Darcie currently cohabits with four other dogs, two cats and a cockatiel. She likes to chase fast moving things which is great for ball play but it means not all cats would be suitable to live with her. Darcie did not have the best start in life and can get a bit anxious when alone, particularly during the settling-in period. She doesn't like roughness or being shouted at (although she enjoys a bit of chase/wrestle with a doggy friend). Darcie would do best with an owner who is home a lot, and/or a doggy companion and an owner who will give her time when at home. She also needs excellent fencing, again particularly during the settling-in period. Being part working dog (Kelpie and/or Border Collie), she does need exercise (both physical and mental), although the Whippet part of her knows how to snooze for much of the day. Darcie is on the smallish side of medium and she doesn't bark much either. She has a desire to please and does everything for her person with maximum effort. Darcie has potential to excel in dog sports, although she does not NEED this sort of home. For the right person or family, Darcie would be a rewarding companion.

Darcie was adopted on 11 February 2007 after 9 months in foster care

  • Whippet x?
  • female
  • 01 May 2005
  • $220
  • 08 May 2006
  • 11 February 2007

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