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Meet Lucille

Lucy is a small finely built ACD female. She is a very happy girl who smiles all the time and just loves attention from humans. Lucy would be a lap dog if she was allowed too and loves nothing better than sitting half in your lap and giving kisses. She has definitely had obedience training at some stage as knows sit/stay, drop and basic commands. She is great to walk on lead and will happily trot beside you when off lead as well. She is currently living with a larger male dog and they get along fine although Lucy would rather be with her humans. Lucy travels great in the car and is currently living as an inside/outside dog. She will need regular exercise as she does have energy but as long as she is exercised she is a happy, placid dog who just wants someone to love her. The photo shows Lucy doing her special dance which she tends to do if she is being ignored and wants some attention. Lucy would be fine as an only dog or doggy companion for a male dog. She would suit either a larger property or a home where she would be regularly exercised. Probably not suited for smaller children as she can get excited when meeting people and tends to jump up a little for attention.

Lucille was adopted on 06 February 2007 after 1 month in foster care

  • Australian Blue Cattle Dog
  • female
  • 01 July 2004
  • $250
  • 04 January 2007
  • 06 February 2007

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