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Meet Jaffa and Skittles

Skittles and Jaffa are both very happy, healthy and outgoing girls. They have inquisitive minds and are very friendly. Their mum is a beagle and dad is a medium sized cross breed.

Beagles are a lively and sturdy looking hound with a short, smooth coat. For this reason Beagles suit many people as an indoor dog. However the coat is quite dense and also waterproof so they are quite resilient outside and their coats are also easy to maintain. Beagles requires little grooming and the occasional bath as they are naturally clean dog. These pups will grow to be a small

medium size, being between 33 cm (13) and 41cm (16) high, measured from the top of the shoulder vertically to the ground, thus it can fit easily into most households and cars. Regular cleaning of their gorgeous floppy ears is essential. The 2nd biggest health problem for beagles is ear infections. The first being over weight as the love to eat and most people can resist those big brown pleading eyes. One of their greatest attributes is their extremely good temperament. They are bold, with an even temperament, and a merry disposition. The beagle requires a fully fenced secure yard. They are natural wanderers as they love to follow a scent and investigate everything. Beagles can also love to dig. They are an active breed that will require daily walks and love attention though they can be quite independent.

Jaffa and Skittles was adopted on 18 September 2006 after 3 days in foster care

  • Beagle x
  • female
  • 22 June 2006
  • $220
  • 15 September 2006
  • 18 September 2006

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