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Meet Marcy

Macy is the largest of the two girls from her litter. She is a beautiful brown leaf tabby, stocky girl with a bob tail. She has chocolate brown coloring under her feet, a black outline around her nose and eyes and almost a perfect 'M shape stripe for Macy' on her forehead. She is very social with humans. She rushes to greet you in the morning, calls out to you when she is looking for you, jumps up on your lap when she wants to smooch and if you are lucky, gives you little gentle nibbly love bites on your chin. If you don't pat her when she jumps on your lap, she taps you with her foot to remind you. At the end of the day she is happy to sit for ages on your lap with her front legs crossed. She enjoys the company of other cats/kittens, large and small dogs so caution must be used when introducing her to new doggie friends as she knows no fear of them. She is a very confident girl who is not afraid of a bit of rough play with her buddy who is a kitten 6 months older than her. She is fully litter trained and clean.

Marcy was adopted on 29 August 2011 after 2 months in foster care

  • female
  • 09 May 2011
  • tabby bobtail kitten
  • $150
  • 22 June 2011
  • 29 August 2011

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