Meet Henry and Donkey-oti

Henry is a full size donkey gelding, grey with dorsal stripe and is 25+ years

Donkey-oti is a small brown donkey gelding who is 15 years old

Henry and Donkey-oti are the best of buddies and need to be rehomed together. Currently they are used for keeping the grass down and as pets. They are great with kids, however, they don't like dogs. Both are well handled and are used to being led, wormed and get their hooves done regularly. They are looking for a new home because their owner is moving off acreage. They are located in western Sydney. Available for $300 as a pair

Henry and Donkey-oti was adopted on 29 March 2005 after 1 day in foster care

  • Donkey Geldings
  • male
  • 30 March 1982
  • $300
  • 30 March 2005
  • 29 March 2005

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Last updated: 30 March 2005