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Meet Suicre

Poor Suicre's owner died suddenly and she is now in foster care awaiting a new home

My name is Suicre (pronounced Sook-rah) and I am a very pretty tortoise shell with tabby patterns that makes me a tabby-tortie or torbie. I have lovely green eyes and a beautiful white chest which I love you to pat when I am in the mood. I will let you know cos I will simply come and lie in front of you!

I am an active and curious cat but not a very courageous one. I like my chin and cheeks stroked more than my head and I don't like being carried.

I have a good appetite but I prefer to eat in portions like before I go out and play and leave a snack to finish afterwards. On nice sunny days I spend most of my time outside and sleep inside. I am a fun little companion to have around.

In addition to Suicre, I also respond to 'Suki' and also 'Susu'. I have a sweet voice and can be talkative.

She is located about a 10 min drive from the Penrith area

Suicre was adopted on 18 September 2016 after 4.1 years in foster care

  • DSH
  • female
  • 08 October 2008
  • $85
  • Penrith Area
  • 16 August 2012
  • 18 September 2016

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