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Meet Ruby

Update 07/04/2013: sadly, Ruby died while in care Presenting Ruby; a dark smokey tabby (dark charcoal black stripes with brown). She is a year old. She was obviously someone's treasured pet as she is so friendly and sweet. She is very easy going, loves her humans. She's a little cautious around my cocker spaniel but will merely walk around her so she may have lived with a dog of some description before. She loves to sleep on my bed at night and is no bother at all (she smooch up to you for the first few minutes as if to say good night and then settles down on a corner of the bed by herself unlike some cats that feel the need to lay on top of you or in the way of your legs.....and some of you know what I'm talking about here!) She is just as happy to sleep in the spare bathroom on her blanket. She has a quiet meow and isn't overly vocal. At the moment she LOVES her food as she is very thin and probably went without for a while. She is fully litter trained and an indoor cat. She doesn't try to run out the door so I suspect she originally was an indoor cat. She greets you when you come home and and is happy to sit with you on the lounge. She is going to make someone a very nice pet.

  • DSH
  • female
  • 01 January 2012
  • smokey black tabby
  • $150
  • 07 February 2013

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Last updated: 07 February 2013