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Meet Nyla

RIP Nyla.

Nyla was a beautiful 12 year old Collie girl who came into DCH care in October, 2011 after having been passed around for some time. We had to take her to the vets as she was had severe incontinence where they were able to get a urine sample just by placing the bowl under her. She had blood in her urine so was put on antibiotics and changed the continence medication that she came in with as it was now not working at all. As soon as the new medication stopped the problem flared up again so we had to give her the tablets more often and this made her sick, she did not eat for 2 days was vomiting and that's the last thing she needed was not to eat as she was so underweight. She went back to the vets as she had urine pouring out of her still and the reaction to the tablets was an indication that there could be a more serious underlining problem. She could not live like this, wet and smelling of urine all the time and we couldn't find any way to get the kidneys working properly or to even ease the problem for her seeing her reaction to the medication.

The vet discussed options for Nyla but came to the conclusion that it had to be about her quality of life so she ate a whole packet of smackoos while we talked, was then given a sedative to make her so drowsy that she went to sleep, she was in fact snoring and so she knew nothing was going on as she went into her forever sleep.

RIP beautiful girl, what a terrible ending to be handed around as you were in the last 6 months of your life especially when you were so sick.

  • Collie Rough
  • female
  • 01 October 2010
  • 20 January 2012

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