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Meet Cherish

Update 15/3/11: Sadly Cherish was diagnosed with Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and her bone marrow was infected. There was no possibility of treatment and she was sadly euthanised at one of our vets. RIP Cherish

Cherish was found living on the streets and was picked up by the local ranger and she has now been brought into care with DCH. Cherish is emaciated and will require a special diet to put weight and condition back on. She was covered in 100's of fleas more than her carer has ever seen on any animal. She has had a flea bath and the water ran red with flea dirt within seconds of running off her but she feels much better now. Cherish also needs a dental as her teeth for her age are in bad condition she also has a heart murmur which will need to be assesed once she is in better condition.

Update 19/1/11 Cherish is doing so much better now that she has had 2 weeks in foster care.She is slowly gaining weight and is getting much more confident in herself. She lays around mostof the day and enjoy's the sun through the windows. Cherish's heart mumur has been assesed and it is alow grade heart murmur which is great news for her.

Update 1/3/11 Cherish has been to the vets to have blood tests done as she hasn't been putting on any weight after she put on 500g after first arriving here. The results have now come back for a couple of the tests and we now know that her white cell count is extremley high and she is very anemic. At this stage the vets have sent off a bit of her blood to a specialst to test for what he thinks could be either a blood infection or cancer of some type.

If you can help us by sponsoring some of Cherish's ongoing vet expenses, which have so far come to $400, please call Megan on 9627 2767 or email dchanimaladoptions@iprimus.com.au or click below.

Thank you to Barbara, Kelli and Mark for helping sponsor some of Cherish's vet fees

Cheques can be sent to DCH Animal Adoptions 44 Dingle St Riverstone NSW 2765

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