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Meet Alladah

16/2/09: Over the last few weeks Alladah has been dropping condition and scouring. He lost muscle tone and was starting to look listless. The foster carer got the vet out last week who confirmed that he was getting old and it was time for him. They arranged for the vet to come and put him to sleep later on this week. However, Alladah was unable to get up this morning and the vet had to come earlier than expected. He has now passed on to greener pastures (and hopefully a more youthful body!).

We wish him peace and good grazing! He is a real gentleman with proper manners and is good with kids, dogs and other horses. Alladah is easy to handle and care for, but needs two hard feeds per day.

  • Arab Gelding
  • 29 June 2008

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Last updated: 29 June 2008