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Meet Chloe

Chloe's has a beautiful thick black coat and stocky strong legs, quite a few people have described her as a 'Big Black Bear', a friendly, cuddly variety. Like most Border Collies she is intelligent. She is house trained and can sit and so on, but before she came into care we don't feel she was being walked. For such a smart animal to be in a back yard all the time must of been pretty dull. Now her regular afternoon walks are the most fantastic thing (well, this and dinner of course). As soon as she sees you're getting ready for walkies she starts to bow and wiggle and crinkle her nose and woof 'come on, let's go, hurry up'. She just loves it. But I think because she was not walked regularly before she doesn't know how to act when she's on the lead and meets other dogs. She has gotten on very well with the doggies she's lived with in foster care, not even bothered about the cat roaming at the vets. She's gentle and loving with people. But on the lead she needs to be trained, she can pull and sends mixed messages.

Her carer now has her sit whenever we see another dog on our outings and she's rewarded with a treat. But we need someone who has the time to commit to this as her on going education. In every other way she's an absolutely beautiful dog. Chloe loves her ears massaged and her belly rubbed and she'll nudge your arm if you stop for just a bit more. I love giving her a bear hug and she'll give a groan and a lean. Chloe's a smart, loving girl who wants to please. Are you the right owner to give her lots of cuddles and have time to teach her the things she's missed out on up to now. Chloe is in care at Waverley

Chloe was adopted on 16 August 2012 after 5 months in foster care

  • female
  • 10 April 2006
  • border collie
  • $400
  • 14 March 2012
  • 16 August 2012

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