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Meet Tayla

Tayla is a very sweet and gentle 8 year old German Shepherd/Collie cross. She is no trouble to have around the house, all she asks for is food to eat, a nice comfortable place to lie down and doze throughout the day. She loves pats, lots of loving and having her belly rubbed. She is the most beautiful girl with big brown eyes. She has a nice smooth coat of fur, which requires no more than a good comb once a week. Tayla would be best suited to someone who is home most of the day as she gets great re-assurance from knowing someone who loves her is nearby. She loves to be inside the house but will wait patiently at the door to be invited in. She gets along well with Charlie, our 3 year old border collie who shows her new things to do and places to go. Tayla follows Charlie everywhere, so having another dog as a companion would be very good for Tayla. She plays well with other dogs in the leash free dog park with constant looks behind her to make sure she can see us. She has been well trained and will come when called and obeys most commands. She can be dog aggressive on lead when walking in a built-up area and could be well suited to a country home or alternately she would be quite happy to be contained in a large yard where she could get daily exercise from a ball being thrown and playing with the kids. She likes to run and will chase and retrieve a ball until she decides she has had enough. She only barks when a bark is needed, she will let you know when someone comes onto the property, but letting you know is her job. Once she greets the visitor, all is good. Once she learns to trusts her new owners they will be rewarded with her ongoing devotion.

Tayla is being cared for in the Hornsby area.

Tayla was adopted on 26 April 2012 after 2 months in foster care

  • German Shepherd x Collie
  • female
  • 10 February 2004
  • $300
  • 17 February 2012
  • 26 April 2012

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