Rusty's story

To DCH Horses, About 2 years ago I bought from you a Chestnut and white pinto gelding Rust N Thunder. He was very timid and nervous but we have spent many hours retraining him and quietning him down, we have registered him with the Pinto Horse assoc of NSW and I thought I would send you these pics of him. My God daughter Jessica rides and cares for him fulltime and has begun showing him this season with great success. The pics I am sending are from the Pinto State Titles in Nov 08. Thanks to all you guys for helping us to find such a great little pony who we love dearly. Rachelle Knight and Jessica Stuart

The Adoption

Rachelle and I went and saw Rusty on a warm sunny day over in Sydney. He was standing in the paddock and when his carer tried to catch him he ran away in fright. We waited by the fence until his carer caught him and led him towards us. He was very nervous and scared and started to shiver and move away from us. We patted him on the neck until he calmed down then led him around the paddock a little. After a while he let us put on the saddle and bridle and we rode him calmly around, the more time we spent talking to him and coaxing him gently the more he calmed down.

We decided we would take him and would come back in a few weeks time and visit him again and pick him up. Rachelle breeds Pintos and that's why she was so attracted to Rusty for me to have as a riding and show pony. A few very very slow weeks passed as I was so excited to go and pick him up. We caught him and put his new rug on we had bought him, loaded him on the float and took him home. He travelled home really well as it was a fair drive from Sydney as we live in the Southern Highlands.

Once we got him home we spent weeks just teaching him ground work like leading, patting, brushing, picking his feet up and just generally getting to know him. As he progressed and was not nervous around us we began riding him and training him for hacking. He was a quick learner and responded so well to our calm and friendly training techniques. I also learnt so much through training Rusty, which was nice cause we learnt together.

We registered him with the Pinto Horse Association of NSW and last year (2008) we started showing him and I took him to the Pinto State Titles at Cobbitty. He behaved so well, he went in led event and he won 3rd our of 5, we did a few hacking events and he behaved so well, then in the afternoon we competed in the sporting which he won numerous ribbons. I have also sent you some photos from this show with both of us looking very shmick if I do say so myself. Rusty is the most wonderful friend and companion I could ever ask for and we have both learnt so much from each other along the way. Thanks you DCH Rescue for allowing me to have the pony I always wanted and who I'll always love.


Rusty in Foster Care March 2007

Rusty was adopted in July 2007 after 5 months in foster care.

Rusty was adopted on 20 July 2007 after 3 months in foster care

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