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Prickles's story

Hi Megan, Hope you have a lovely Christmas. Thought I'd say hi and give an update on Jersey. She's going brilliantly, recovered well from the desexing (thanks for that by the way). The vet noticed she has a deformed chest, but it doesn't seem to be causing any issues. She's still got the snuffles, the vet tried her on some pills but they didn't work. Again, doesn't seem to worry her too much.

She certainly loves life, following the sun around the house through the day and snuggling up in bed at night.

I've attached a picture of her favourite pastime at the moment. Hope you like. Thanks again Peter

Prickles was adopted on 9/08/2007 after 2 months in foster care.

Prickles was one of the unlucky few kittens who had ongoing cat flu complications as a result of her time in the pound.

Prickles was adopted on 09 August 2007 after 1 week in foster care

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