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Meet Kelsie and Sam

Kelsie and Sam are adorable, pure Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties); both are gorgeous looking, especially Sam who is stunning. Both are timid dogs, however Kelsie is willing to try to trust you and has become more confident in my company over the last month than Sam has. He is extremely shy and he sticks to Kelsie's side to only go where she does. If a stranger comes into the garden he shoots away giving himself a 10 metre escape route, whereas she may decide to come over for a sniff and a pat if she's feeling confident with me around. They came into foster care as a pair and they must be re-homed as a pair, as Sam is so reliant on Kelsie, he uses her as his little security blanket and it would be very damaging to his mental health to stress him out by separating him from her. He does like to go out for a walk and is quite spritely, whereas Kelsie dawdles along in no hurry what so ever. They don't bark, don't destroy anything, they are inside/outside, fully grown now and below knee height. They do require regular grooming to maintain the spectacular coat but it's really no issue for either. Both are easy to travel and placid at the vets. They have both been de-sexed, vaccinated, micro chipped and had all their worming done, so ready to look for their special home right now. Given their nature their ideal home will be where they are the only dogs, and to a family who can be kind and patient and not pressure them into contact where none is wanted. They must be inside/outside, preferably in a home with no children or much older teens who understand their need for space and security exit routes. To ensure the best possible happy ending for this wonderful pair a home inspection will be required prior to adoption.

Kelsie and Sam was adopted on 28 June 2011 after 2 months in foster care

  • Shetland Sheepdogs
  • female
  • 23 January 2007
  • $700 pair
  • 22 April 2011
  • 28 June 2011

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