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Meet Zak

Zack is a 2 year old Maltese x poodle. He has come into foster care because his owners have moved house and aren't allowed dogs in their new rental. They were very upset to see him go, and it is clear that he has been a well looked after, and greatly loved family pet.

He is a quiet boy, but boy does he love his walks! For such a small fellow, he's got plenty of energy and so would suit an active couple or family. He grew up with kids, and so should be fine joining a family with little ones. When not out on his walks, he likes to play fetch

with the ball, or curl up on your lap for a snuggle.

When we meet other dogs on our walks, he generally just ignores them. If bigger dogs come over to say hi, he politely lets them sniff him and then goes on his way. He's more keen to say hi back to dogs that are his own size, but mostly he wants to keep on walking!

All in all, he's a little charmer! He's had a great start to life, and with a new, loving home he'll continue to be a happy little chap.

He has been clipped back so will needs a little jacket for the winter until his curly coat grows back.


Zak was adopted on 15 May 2013 after 1 weeks in foster care

  • Maltese x poodle
  • male
  • 01 May 2011
  • $450
  • Sydney's eastern suburbs
  • 06 May 2013
  • 15 May 2013

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