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Meet Rocket, Dot, Maisie

Rocket loves to run around the house. He loves playing with his toys and with his siblings. After Rocket has tired himself out playing he will happily climb up on you to fall asleep. He has beautiful blue eyes and a confident purr.

Dot Black and White Female

Dot is a beautiful little girl. She has been green eyes and loves to play with her brothers and sisters. Dot also purrs easily and will happily sleep on top of you while you watch TV. She has the cutest little black dot on the end of her white nose hence her name.

Maisie tabby and White

Maisie loves to eat! Poor maisie was a little unwell as a little kitten, but has come forward in leaps and bounds. She has so much energy now and loves to run around with her brothers and sisters. She also loves climbing her scratching post.

Tabby cat DSH tabby! Male tabby is the most independant kitten of the bunch. He loves exploring his surroundings and playing with the older cats in the household. Tabby loves his cat tunnel and can keep himself amused for hours jumping in and out of it! All the kittens are 100% litter trained and are learning to use their scratching post. They are available separately. The above photos are the best their carer could take, they are even cuter in person!

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Rocket, Dot, Maisie was adopted on 16 May 2009 after 2 weeks in foster care

  • DSH
  • mixed
  • 27 February 2009
  • tabby
  • $125
  • 02 May 2009
  • 16 May 2009

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Last updated: 02 May 2009