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Meet Milky

Milky is such a treat of a cat. She is the most lovely cat and instantly purrs when you pick her up. She is mostly interested in people and not so much with other cats, although she gets along ok with them and can be caught napping arm in arm with her carers resident cat. She still has some kitten playfullness about her so would suit a home without small children, but otherwise she is a great cat for a home after an affectionate, cat who likes to follow you around and enjoy your company.

Shortly after Milky came home from being desexed it was discovered that her stitches were not keeping her wound closed and part of her abdomen was hanging outside of her wound. She had to be rushed to the emergency vet hospital and undergo major surgery only 8 or so hours after being desexed. The surgery had to open up her wound properly, wash out and suction her abdomen to make it sterilised again, and then re-close her. She required another bout of anaesthetic as well as a couple of pain medications (which she still requires 4 days after the surgery). Whilst the emergency vet hospital (which did an absolutely amazing job) were very kind as to discount her fees by more than half the total owing, her bill is still quite expensive. Whilst she is now once again her usual self (constantly seeking cuddles and kisses) we are seeking donations to help us cover the services provided by the wonderful vets that saved her life. Milky's total vet bills have come to $630, if you can help sponsor some of these vet bills then please call Megan on 9627 2767 or email dchanimaladoptions@iprimus.com.au.

Thanks to Barbara for her generous donations towards these vet fees

Milky was adopted on 28 September 2008 after 6 months in foster care

Milky has sadly had additional veterinary expenses due to illness or injury. We are seeking sponsorship for Milky to help us cover some of those additional costs.

To help sponsor Milky you can donate securely online using the Give Now or Paypal on the links below.

Alternatively, you can contact us on 1300-88-93-40 or cheques can be sent to DCH Animal Adoptions, 44 Dingle St Riverstone NSW 2765.

  • DSH
  • female
  • 19 November 2007
  • white and tabby
  • $125
  • 02 March 2008
  • 28 September 2008

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