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Meet Suzie

Suzie is a lovely girl, but due to circumstances beyond her, control, Suzie has learnt ( as she is quite smart ) to know the difference, when people are coming to look at her for adoption, Suzie will give them a little bite, just enough to turn people away from adopting her, mind you she is a different cat with people she knows and trusts,Suzie is loving and cuddly, and loves to cuddle up next to you all night on your bed, or sit with you on the lounge while watching a good movie. Suzie loves the family dog and will be found often cuddled up next to him. Suzie does love to play outside, during the day, so it wouldn't be recommended for Suzie to be an inside cat only. And even though Suzie does have a long coat, she doesn't seem to require a lot of grooming as her coat doesn't seem to knot up at all. Suzie gets on well with all the cats in the household.All Suzie needs is a very kind and loving person to give her a go and then they will see just how beautiful a cat Suzie is.

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Suzie was adopted on 29 July 2008 after 10 months in foster care

  • DMH Tabby and white
  • female
  • 24 April 2007
  • $125
  • 30 August 2007
  • 29 July 2008

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