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Meet Carla, Christina, Caden, Calvin


Blue Female

This little girl approaches everything at a dead run. She loves to chase a ball and could play for the Socceroos she's that coordinated. Normally the first one out the gate and the first to approach anything new and foray where the others havent yet discovered. Shes already attempted to greet the resident adult cat though he wasnt up for it. Even with that high level of confidence, shes the submissive one of the litter esp when it comes to dinner and will always defer to her sister Carla and brother Calvin when they commandeer the food bowls.


Blue Female

Carla is the smallest, however she makes up for it with personality. Shes a little fireball and attacks all her siblings with gusto. I think shes tried to bluff them into believing shes a big toughy, and its working. All but Calvin back off when she wants something, and shes whipped them all mostly into line. Carla loves to climb and perch in high places, where she can survey the surroundings and plan out her next move.


He seems a bit of an old soul and just watches the world so calmly. The least excitable of the kittens, he's pretty laid back and picks the opportune moments to get in on the action of his siblings, but backs out again when the odds arent in his favour. He's very curious, but approaches everything at a walk. He's the biggest of the four but is like the big friendly giant, he often gets beaten up by Carla and Calvin and is not at all aggressive. He quite happily contents himself playing with dangly toys (feathers on elastic) He would be the best pick for a family environment.

Calvin- Champagne Male

Calvin is the innocent looking one. Not so innocent over the dinner bowl where he'll try to stake his claim over everything til he stuffs himself silly. He's normally one step behind Christina when it comes to exploring. He's a very playful and active little kitten. He, Christina and Carla all give as good as they get, and love playing together. He prefers playing with his siblings to playing with toys.

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Carla, Christina, Caden, Calvin was adopted on 17 July 2008 after 2 weeks in foster care

  • DSH
  • mixed
  • 12 May 2008
  • ginger male
  • $125
  • 06 July 2008
  • 17 July 2008

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Last updated: 06 July 2008