Kenzie's story

In 2006, we decided to add to our fur family as Oz, our then staffy cross was a bit lonesome during the day without us. I came across a female 3m old ‘staffy cross’ on the DCH website with similar markings to Ozzie and I was sold. We drove out to western Sydney to meet her.

I fell in love with Kenzie on the spot and before we knew it, we had ourselves a new pooch! We took her home and introduced her to Oz. He was not impressed and within moments had her cornered in our front yard. This is when we learned Kenz had a fighting spirit, once cornered, she went on the attack and Oz was suitably chastened. It wasn’t long before they were absolutely the best of mates.

The website was wrong in stating that Kenz was a staffy cross. She grew. And grew. And grew. We think she is cattle cross kelpie, possibly with a bit of dalmation. She is an integral part of our family, obedient, gentle and loving dog although extremely timid after a neighbours dog attacked her a few years back but good ole Oz came to her defence. She has seen some changes in our family, 2 interstate moves, 2 children and the passing of Oz. And she remains as ever, my Princess Mackenzie!

11 March 2015

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