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I am Honey. I came here to my real home exactly one year ago from DCH after I went to St Clair Animal Hospital to get ready to come here. I was skinny and I had had sooo many kittens... My final batch was 7 kittens and I am pretty young, really. Now I no longer spray, and hide, and eat like there is no tomorrow. I play a lot. I can jump straight up in the air. My favourite toys are macadamia nuts. They roll around and my mum makes sure she gets them out from under things when I cant find any, and curtain rod knobs are good toys too, and curled up cardboard, and clothes pegs. The other cat likes me but she thinks I am a bit immature. She lounges around a lot but she is very nice. So is my mum. I hope you like my photos. I am very happy you are ten years old. Bye for now. Honey

13 March 2015

Honey was adopted on 06 April 2014 after 2 months in foster care

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