Porscha's story

We were Porschas 5th home when we adopted her in 2010 and we are so happy to say we will also be her last home. She came with special needs and she took a while to settle in, but over 7 years later she is absolutely an integral part of our family. The love she gives us makes your heart swell and she gives the best hugs. We may have given her a home but she has given us so much more. She is inseparable from her best buddy (and mini me) Forrest. She is getting on now, some arthritis and cataracts are beginning to slow her down. She loves being curled up near the fire or when we're not looking will curl herself up on the lounge. She stills greets us every morning and when we get home with a big smile and a wagging tail. We feel very privelidged that Porscha chose us as her forever home.

12 June 2017

Porscha was adopted on 08 November 2010 after 2 months in foster care

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