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Meet Libby and Jackson

Libby and Jackson have just come into care after being rescued from the pound. At first I thought their nervousness and timidity was due to the change of environment but it is now very apparent that they have been the victims of abuse. Despite this though, they are the most loving and friendly dogs when they come to trust you. As soon as they see me now, they come running over wanting a pat or a scratch on the tummy. They love playing with each other and it's really heartening seeing them chasing each other around my backyard, just relaxing and having fun. Neither Libby or Jackson show any interest in the cats I have and will often be seen sharing their bed or their food with them. Both are beginning to allow my children to get close to them but only if they are gentle and quiet in their approach. Unfortunately, neither dog is able to be walked at the moment as the sight of a lead or chain causes an incredible amount of stress and fear. At this point in time I believe it is imperative that these dogs are adopted together as when they are apart from each other both tend to fret and become quite upset. If you feel you can offer these beautiful puppies a loving and nurturing home please contact me. With a bit of time and patience I really believe you'll be rewarded with two very special companions.

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Libby and Jackson was adopted on 24 March 2011 after 3 weeks in foster care

  • Pomeranian x
  • male
  • 28 August 2010
  • $350
  • 01 March 2011
  • 24 March 2011

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