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Meet Henri

I'm going to get straight to the point, this little fella is a Jack Russel through and through. Approx 60 cm length, 25 cm height, Henri is sharp, super switched on, curious and ready to go on a seconds notice. Spends his time scouring the yard and sky for anything that has a pulse, he hunts. His a very good looking boy, typically marked with blacked lined soulful eyes. He loves a cuddle and happy to just be in your company. Active and energetic, he amuses himself, so not over needy and has a switch off button too, relaxes nicely when resting. Not bad on recall, needs more training. When out leash free he stays pretty close by. Very nervous around large dogs, tends to avoid them if possible, small dogs he is good with. In care with two a the moment and all is good. Responsibly socializing Henri will help him build up his confidence to feel more comfortable and less threatened around bigger dogs.
Small and strong,very fit and a willful boy, he loves to play....... his way. Growls, mouths hands and arms, legs and feet, tumbles and dummies really well, also has great springs in his back legs. Lets just say he can be a rough player when he wants to be and as gentle as a lamb, when he wants to be, (hence Henri will not be re-homed to anyone who has small children, brave teenagers are okay lol. Play's fetch and sometimes returns the ball, sometimes it becomes a playing game. Big on border control and security, is vocal, but does not over bark and from what i can see is not a digger. Loves the car, riding in the car and hanging out the window feeling the breeze on his face a watching the world go by. Walks on the lead like a true gentleman. Henri is terrified by fireworks and loud ongoing aggressive sounds, avoiding these where possible would be best for Henri. One more thing you need to know about Henri is that he is extremely protective around his food and soft bedding, also soft toys (he may growl, and bite) care must be taken when handling such items. We have found that its is best to avoid soft beds and soft toys completely, we will provide Henri with a trampoline bed for you to take. When feeding Henri it is best to put his food down and leave him alone to eat. Only approaching him once all the food has been consumed, this will avoid any aggressiveness taking place on his part. We are looking to re home Henri to a confident individual or couple with no children. A quiet home is preferred as Henri can become anxious around lots of human activity in the house. They would need to be patient and experienced in handling dogs. Committed and prepared to give Henri the time he needs to settle in to his new environment securely and to understand his place in the pack as a foot solider. I do not let Henri sleep up on the lounge or my bed. I encourage him to sleep on his bed when in the house. I tend to get down onto the floor to cuddle him and play with him. It helps him to understand who the boss is.
Henri is fully house trained, sleeps in at night and is walked daily. Sadly Henri has been moved from home to home in the last 4 months which has been very unsettling for him. We really are looking for the perfect person who feels they can fit in with Henri's character and personality to give him a forever, loving secure home.
Henri is in care in Padstow NSW. Please contact Traudy 0415539984. DCH Foster Carer.

Henri was adopted on 01 January 2018 after 3 weeks in foster care

  • Jack Russel
  • male
  • 18 August 2013
  • tan and white
  • small
  • $350
  • padstow
  • 09 December 2017
  • 01 January 2018

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