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Meet Lucy

Lucy just wants to be indoors as she has been frightened away by a large black tom cat who has joined the family. She travelled a fair way to myhouse, crossing The Bells Line of Road (which is very busy with largetrucks etc). My husband and I fell in love with her as soon as she arrivedand would love to keep her, but unfortunately we already have two cats andthey would love to make her part of the family but she feels very threatenedby them and hisses and spits with claws drawn whenever either one tries toapproach her. As a consequence Mr Darcy and Elizabeth have stopped theirfrolicking play and gone into virtual hiding, always wary of where Lucy might be.Lucy is also stressed and constantly on the look out for where they are. Lucywould be perfectly suited to an indoor life style with someone to sit with andbe stroked by. She is very affectionate with humans (but not so with other cats).She loves to sit on your lap and purr whilst you pat her, which is very relaxing for all concerned.Lucy is also very playful and loves tossing around the assorted imitation mice that I haveplaced on the scratching poles. She tends to like to play by herself and is very entertaining to watch.

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  • female
  • 17 November 2006
  • ginger
  • 17 November 2010
  • 09 February 2011

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