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Meet Tinker, Ripple, Romeo, Smudge

Tinker: female short hair black with faint stripes showing through. Gorgeous large yellow eyes, sleek, elegant, friendly girl. Climbs up your leg if you fail to notice her right away. Very playful and loves rough-housing with the other kittens in the group.

Ripple: female short hair black with a faint orangy/caramel ripples and splotches through her coat and a white spot under her neck on on her tummy. She has yellow eyes. The most friendly and vocal of all the girls in the group. As soon as you sit down she runs and jumps up to sit on your lap. A great climber and jumper, no use in hiding; if you sit down she will be on your lap! Also the smallest in the group.

Romeo: male, medium (?) coat, silver tabbie. He still has blue eyes at the moment; not sure if they will remain that color. He is a little bigger than the others and extremely smoochie and vocal. if you dare to pat another kitten he puts his head under your hand and rubs his own head under it. loves to have his round little tummy rubbed too

Smudge: female short hair black and white with a smudge of white down her nose, yellow eyes, white socks with black on her heels and black body. A little shyer than the rest but still loves to sit on your lap for a rub.

They will be 8 weeks old by December 12th and available to go to their new homes from this time onward and are located in the Campbelltown area.

Tinker, Ripple, Romeo, Smudge was adopted on 14 January 2011 after 1 month in foster care

  • male
  • 17 October 2010
  • $140
  • 28 November 2010
  • 14 January 2011

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