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Meet Sammy

These glorious ginger kitties were surrendered into our care by an elderly lady who rescued their mum and three more siblings. She nurtured and loved them, but had neither the finances nor the room to keep them all.

It was only when the carer brought them home that she realised the boys are almost identical – in fact, it is only recently that we’ve managed to distinguish between them as Sammy has an S-shape embedded in his fur. These boys may enjoy a new home together, but will also be happy to find a fabulous furever home all to themselves.

Both kitties were socialised initially within the rescuer’s wider family, including children, but social lockdown put an end to that and it did take a week or two for these guys to venture far. However, they chose the carer’s bedroom for their early retreat so clearly they are people pussycats, and they are now making up for lost time. They both love their chow.

Sammy is quite inquisitive and has proved the more adventurous of the two despite being the smaller. He loves a good play and romp with his brother and toys.

He has become quite affectionate, especially at bed time when he decides to clamber all over his carer asking for head scratches; he has a lot of purring going on. Sammy does like to play with toys with his brother, and loves a good chase around the house. At this stage, he’s still cautious of people walking around, but we are seeing improvement with further socialisation.

Both kitties are beautiful long boys when they stretch out! At times they both decide to lie across the carer’s legs – not sure whether the carer or they are the most uncomfortable with this arrangement, but certainly they insist it’s a really good thing.
We believe both Sammy and Oscar will take a little time to settle in, and will need patience and love from their new families. But the reward will be great. These kitties must be indoor only.

Sammy and Oscar have been microchipped, vaccinated and will be desexed prior to adoption. They are located in Colyton.

If you are interested in learning more about or providing a home to one or both of these lovely boys, please contact his carer.

NOTE: All visits will be by appointment, and in accordance with prevailing social distancing protocols.

Sammy was adopted on 21 June 2020 after 1 month in foster care

  • DSH
  • male
  • 14 December 2019
  • ginger
  • $200
  • Colyton
  • 13 May 2020
  • 21 June 2020

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