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Meet Joey

Joey has been adopted! 😻

Joey and his 3 x siblings, came into DCH care on 21st October 2021, after being handed in to Campbelltown Pound as orphans when they were about 3 days old. Joey is the sole survivor of his litter, with all kittens having some form of physical deformity - most likely as their mum was sick when pregnant.

Joey was bottle-fed and has been handled and around people since he was born, so he does love people... once he is comfortable with you.

Joey is a lot like a cat-dog who follows you around, sits with you, headbutts for attention and sniffs everything (really loudly!). Joey has been vet checked and cleared of any major issue (FIP, FIV, FeLV) but his body does look a little different as he has a congenital defect, and is missing muscle/tendon behind his shoulder blades. This condition does not require any treatment or medication.

Although he is definitely not a graceful mover, and can be clumsy when jumping or getting down from heights, nothing seems to slow him down. He does get a little jealous of his foster siblings but has also tried to make friends with our 2 x older resident cats. Recently, Joey has also decided he likes cat-friendly dogs, too!

If you are interested, please come and meet Joey. He is initially a little shy but he will absolutely thrive with individual attention. Joey will be a perfect companion for someone out there.

Joey is litter-trained and is currently being socialised in my home. He is a little bit of a scaredy-cat! Joey is currently eating Royal Canin Kitten Dry & Advance Kitten Wet food, with lots of clean water always available.

The $225 adoption fee includes:

  • Microchipping,
  • Worming/flea-treatment,
  • Vaccination,
  • Desexing
  • So he lives his best and longest life, Joey must also be an INDOOR ONLY cat.

    Please use the "Send enquiry email" link below, if you have any questions or if you are interested in adopting Joey. PLEASE INCLUDE INFORMATION such as whether you own other pets, if you have a quieter or more chaotic household and any other relevant details.

    If you are renting, please ensure that you have approval for a cat BEFORE you lodge interest.

    You must be over 18 years old to adopt an animal, and, for a kitten, also be prepared to look after it for up to 20years! 😻

    Joey was adopted on 12 August 2022 after 9 months in foster care

    • DSH
    • male
    • 15 October 2021
    • Black & White
    • $225
    • Campbelltown NSW
    • 21 October 2021
    • 12 August 2022

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    Last updated: 21 August 2022