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Meet Barney

Barney was abandoned as a young dog left to wander the streets all alone. The resident store owner felt sorry for him so would leave food out for him. However Barney belonged to no-one. Barney had to find different places to sleep at night to stay dry and warm.

Anne a DCH Animal Adoption foster career noticed that Barney always seemed to hang around this store and when she equired with the owner of the store he informed her that Barney had been abandoned some years ago and had continued to hang around the local Streets. Barney then came into DCH Animal Adoptions care. For the first few days Barney was very sad and depressed as he was unsure of what was going on and he did not understand English very well. However after a few days he began to trust and he started to relax settling in and making himself at home. Now after being in care for about a month Barney has completely changed and is a very happy confident dog who loves human company but equally enjoys playing and hanging out with his new found canine friends. He is very gentle with children and when anyone gives him attention he laps it up. Barney doesnt really like his feline friends as he feels that they are put on earth to chase (not harm) but chase.

Generally Barney is now a well adjusted happy dog who has learnt after all this time to be a dog and hang out in a back yard where he gets plenty of Love, food, shelter and companionship without having to try to hard.

Barney was a street dog for many years. Without a warm home to call his own or someone to take him to the vet when he was ill, he was in a fairly poor state when he came into care. We took him straight to the vets and he was diagnosed with severe arthritis in his left stifle and thoracic spinal pain. Barney was put on medication (rimadyl) anti inflammatory to see how he would respond.

Within a week of being on medication he started improving and acting like a two year old dog running and wrestling with his canine friends. At this stage he was then taken back to the vets for xrays, dessexing and a hernia repair. Barney is doing so well that we have reduced his medication dose and have since been able to take him completely off the medication and he has not looked back. He will probably need medication in the future but is currently comfortable without it.

Barney's medications and vet bills have come to $488 and we are seeking sponsorship to help us cover these additional costs.

If you can help please call Megan on 9627 2767 or email dchanimaladoptions@iprimus.com.au or click below Thank you to Kathy, Kimberley and Riikka for your generous support. Barney's vet fees have now been fully sponsored.

Barney was adopted on 10 January 2010 after 3 months in foster care

Barney has sadly had additional veterinary expenses due to illness or injury. We are seeking sponsorship for Barney to help us cover some of those additional costs.

To help sponsor Barney you can donate securely online using the Give Now or Paypal on the links below.

Alternatively, you can contact us on 1300-88-93-40 or cheques can be sent to DCH Animal Adoptions, 44 Dingle St Riverstone NSW 2765.

  • Corgi x Cattle Dog
  • male
  • 01 July 2002
  • $250
  • 11 September 2009
  • 10 January 2010

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