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Meet Yoda

Yoda is a bit like his name sake, a little older, a little wizened but this older gent has the most gorgeous soul that shines out of him. He loves having a fellow similar sized canine friend in the backyard and quite enjoys games of chasing and pretend fetch (he runs for the toy and then races back to tell you that he found it but he's not picking it up thanks : ) He loves his humans (he's very loyal) and its not unusual to have him at your heels watching everything you do. He is very good at bath and is not a fussy eater - quite the reverse actually

he absolutely loves his food, he has been practicing sitting and is very food responsive. Yoda has mild luxating patella in one leg which this gives him no trouble at all. He enjoys his morning naps in the sun and is quite happy to hang out with his canine mates until you come home and once you are home he is thrilled to bits to see you and his tail doesn't stop wagging. Yoda is fine with kids, he absolutely loves any human attention regardless of age. This loyal little man is just so well behaved and will give you huge amounts of love and affection if you just give him a chance to win you over with his sweet disposition.

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Yoda was adopted on 28 November 2009 after 7 months in foster care

  • Chihuahua x
  • male
  • 01 March 2002
  • $250
  • 01 April 2009
  • 28 November 2009

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