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Meet Piper

Great on lead, knows basics, sit, stay and down, although doesn't always like to lie down straight away. She is gentle, never mouths, does not jump up and rarely barks. I believe she was well treated before ending up at the pound (2 days prior to whelping), the only thing she shy's away from is the garden hose, as soon as I turn it on she slinks off. Now that she has weaned all her pups she is looking a lot healthier, not so boney and is a delight to have around. She is reserved around any other dogs, big, small, smoochy or dominant, it's as if she never had to meet any before. She doesn't react badly or aggressively, she just stays close to my leg, happy to trot past and not have to say a doggie hello. Meeting my daughter after school has her seeking guidance as the children rush out shrieking and squealing, she's a quiet sole. Piper is happy to be around my children and as far as I can tell has NO BAD HABITS.... Piper would be happiest in a loving home that includes her in all the day to day activities, but without being too boisterous, she would be submissive with another dog if you have one. You will not go wrong with PIPER, she is truly an angel, in a dogs body.

Piper was adopted on 01 June 2009 after 1 weeks in foster care

  • Cross Breed
  • female
  • 01 March 2007
  • $250
  • 23 May 2009
  • 01 June 2009

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