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Meet Daisy

We are not entirely sure what breed Daisy is, maybe Chihuahua X Maltese?, but we do know that Daisy is a very sweet but incredibly shy girl. Daisy is still quite young, she's not a digger, but she does love to play chasings with her new friend Yoda. She would like a home where no one raises there voice at her (she finds this affects her confidence quite a bit so its a non negotiable requirement in her new home.) Calm consistent handling works well for her. Because she is so sensitive to her humans we feel that she would bond very well with her new owner. She does seem to have a slight preference towards a female owner. She MUST go to a home with another dog as she is very dependant on the other dog for confidence. Once she relaxes she is very loving and loves to follow you around. Once she trusts you she is very affectionate and will push to the front of the pack for cuddles. She will sometimes wet herself if over excited or afraid (although we have noticed that this is becoming a lot rarer now that she has settled). She is has not been an indoor dog and we haven't yet convinced her that she is allowed inside. She is not used to walking on a lead and will take time before she will manage this. She travels very well in the car.

She is a sweet girl who needs a quiet and understanding home. In return you will get a beautiful loving companion.

Daisy was adopted on 26 April 2009 after 1 month in foster care

  • Chihuahua x Maltese
  • female
  • 15 June 2008
  • $250
  • 10 March 2009
  • 26 April 2009

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