Cats in our Care

These cats and kittens have been rescued from various pounds and shelters by volunteer foster carers who provide the cat with a safe haven until they can be permanently rehomed. Cats are located throughout Sydney, Australia.

Please note that descriptions of breed, age and size are given in good faith and are based on assessment of the cat's features, together with veterinary opinion. We cannot guarantee the age and breed of any cats listed.

All cats listed come desexed, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped.

Kittens will only be rehomed when over 8 weeks of age and over 1kg in weight.

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Domestic Short Hair - female - 3 years and 2 months

Abandoned and rescued as a shy one year old, Camden has grown into a beautiful young adult with striking markings. Needing less attention now she is no longer a kitten, Camden may well fit in with a working person or couple, as easily as she could love an entire family.

Camden loves treats, and sleeping in her little pot with her baby beanie boo possum. She can be shy, but loves affection when she’s in the zone! She likes plenty of cuddles and loves to have a good belly rub, as well as playing, laying in the sun, and chasing things. Oh, and she has a great appetite.

Camden’s speciality is head butting and purring, and she really enjoys being with her human foster family. But, now she really would like to have her own family, so that in a short time this little girl can love you unconditionally.

Camden is already de-sexed, and is up to date on all her vet requirements.

If you’d like to arrange to meet Camden at her Narellan foster home, please contact her carer, Christine - on 0413 317 481.

Camden has been in foster care since 07 September 2016, for 2.3 years

Jack and Jake

Jack and Jake

DSH - male - 2 years and 1 month

Twins Jack and Jake are very easy-going, relaxed cats that would easily fit into most homes.

Both love to play, and they are great with big and small dogs, their cat-mates and the rabbit they currently live with in foster care. In fact they are currently inducting two new foster kittens into the correct way to become cat purrfection. They do enjoy their supervised outdoor time as well as chilling with their humans.

Jack and Jake have been with their foster carer since they were bottle fed after being abandoned around 2 weeks old. As a result, they are very fond of each other, and would definitely prefer a furever home together.

As kittens, both had issues with their eyes, mainly due to ingrowing lashes. They do both need a family who can commit to cleaning their eyes and adding moisturising eyedrops twice a day to keep them comfortable. They are both totally relaxed and used to this routine.

It is still possible that Jack may need further vetinerary treatment, but we are hoping Jake may be fine given the daily attention. Clearly this extra care does require a special and loving person. If you think this may be you, please contact Jake and Jack’s carer, Jasmin - on 0424 738 236 - to arrange a meet and greet at their foster home.

They have already been de-sexed, microchipped, and their vaccinations are up to date. The adoption price for these two lovely boys has been reduced, due to their medical issues, to only $50 for the pair.

***many thanks go to David and Michael who have helped contribute to Jacks additional vet fees, we have still spent an additional $900 on vet fees and sponsorship help would be very appreciated.***

Jack and Jake has been in foster care since 15 January 2017, for 2 years



DSH - female - 1 year and 3 months

Rescued with Mum and 3 siblings from the pound, Pixie is the only remaining kitten in our care. She loves to talk to her humans – particularly the ones who feed her!

Pixie has a unique personality; she enjoys exploring, as well as standing at your feet meowing at you and sitting next to you on the lounge. She’s used to being handled by young children, although she does take a little time to adjust initially.

Pixie’s siblings and her mum have now moved on, and she does miss her play fights, so she may enjoy a family with other kitties, and perhaps children - she can be a little skittish if there is too much loud noise and sudden movement so older children would be best.

When happy, Pixie can get ecstatic - not only purring loudly, but sticking her rear in the air, and rolling over to expose her belly to you …. And is known to drool with bliss!

Pixie is already de-sexed and microchipped, and is up to date on all her vet requirements.

If you’d like to arrange to meet Pixie at her Campbelltown foster home, please contact her carer, Imaan.

Pixie has been in foster care since 13 November 2017, for 1.2 years



Dsh - male - 5 years and 10 months

Sammy was surrendered to DCH at the age of 4 just before Christmas last year. He is a very friendly and smoochy cat with his humans, but also loves dogs and is brilliant with his permanent and foster feline friends, too.

He has proven to be a very adaptable cat, and would no doubt love to find a family with other kitties or cat-friendly dogs to play with if possible. Sammy is also used to being an indoor/outdoor cat to date.

Sammy particularly loves to rub up against members of his foster carer family, but generally prefers to sit beside them rather than on them, which is a bonus in summer time! Like many cats, he’s not that keen on being picked up. But he hasn’t a mean bone in his body, so will always point that out very politely.

If you have room in your heart and home for Sammy, he would love to meet you at his Glenhaven foster home.

Sammy is already de-sexed and microchipped, and is up to date on all his vet requirements. His adoption fee is $125.

He looks forward to meeting you soon at his Glenhaven foster home.

Sammy has been in foster care since 22 November 2017, for 1.1 years

Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean

Dsh - female - 11 years and 2 months

Jelly Bean is a lovely, friendly cat who is looking for a new home as the advent of a toddler and an impending baby means her working parents are unable to provide sufficient loving care and attention.

Jelly Bean is a beautiful pure white female cat. She is a tender and quiet kitty who nonetheless loves to curl up on a lap in the evening, and to get some loving or brushing. She would definitely suit a quiet home, where her undemanding nature is appreciated.

While Jelly likes to go outside and then happily lie in the shade and sleep the day away, she shows no interest in wandering beyond her home. But, because she is white all over and has pink nose and inside ears, she does need to be an indoor cat primarily – with any outings supervised.

Jelly Bean also lives with a dog, with which she gets along very well, and has happily put up with a number of foster cats coming and going in previous years. She did have a rough start as a kitten, which resulted in her having only 4 canine teeth. However, since she has never known anything else it has no impact on her eating, and no special diet is needed.

Jelly is microchipped, desexed, and up to date on her vaccinations and vet visits. She has had no major health issues.

Jelly Bean’s adoption fee is $50.

Please contact Mel, on 0404741169, to arrange a visit at Jelly's current home in Penrith.



dsh - female - 10 months and 3 weeks

Penny's personality is the most gentle I've ever come across in a kitty. Even though she has been with us for only a short time, she purrs very fast and very loudly when picked up. She is generally shy with new people though, so her furever family may have to give her a couple of weeks to settle, to allow her to gain the confidence that she's safe and loved. Penny does love playing with toys, and happily eats whatever cat food is on offer.

Although she doesn’t realise it herself, Penny walks with a very unusual gait. (See Video). After a thorough vet check-up, including x-rays, the vet has ruled out any problems with her bones and joints. Instead the vet thinks it may be neurological, and in any event, thankfully, it causes no pain and Penny is perfectly happy the way she is!

Penny does have strength in those back legs, as she loves to stand up on them so she can see what might be of interest up the bench - taking her full body weight. Fortunately, she hasn’t learnt yet to jump up on the furniture, but ,when she decides to chase her feline foster friends, Penny just launches herself straight at them from her sleeping position.

Penny has enjoyed being an indoor kitty to date, and because she doesn’t realise her legs won’t run fast enough to get away from dangerous situations, her new furever home must also be indoors. She does love her cat buddies, and is also living harmoniously with her carer’s large cat friendly dogs, so a family (be it large, a couple or a single person) with existing potential playmates may well find her a wonderful companion. Because Penny is very gentle, however, any animal friends should not play rough.

Penny is microchipped, and her vaccinations are up to date. Her adoption fee includes de-sexing.

If you would like to meet this special kitty at her foster home in Glenhaven , please call her carer Jeni to arrange a time.

Penny has been in foster care since 20 July 2018, for 5 months



Domestic Short Hair - female - 2 years and 7 months

Penny is a Dilute grey Tortishell.
She was abandoned and left in a cage on a business property in a rural area with her babies. She would have died if the workers on the property did not find her. She has been in care since her babies where tiny and she is now ready to find a new home.

She comes desexed, vaccinated, wormed.

Located near Windsor NSW.

Penny has been in foster care since 29 August 2018, for 4 months



Domestic Short Hair - Medium H - female - 2 years and 7 months

Amelia came from a Sydney pound as a scared girl. She arrived shortly after having kittens but her kittens were not brought in with her.

She is a lovely girl who will purr and want pats but only in small amounts. She can be a little too playful for her own good and can get a little rough with her feline and canine foster family.

She is not good around dogs or other animals so is best in a quite home without other animals where she can rule the house. She would love access to an outside cat enclosure.

She has a lovely possum type fluffy tail.

Amelia had cat flu when she arrived in our care, but it has has been fully treated with medication.
She has been desexed, and has received 2 vaccinations. She is microchipped and wormed

Currently located at PETstock Marsden Park. Do come and visit her.

Amelia has been in foster care since 12 September 2018, for 4 months



Domestic ShortHair - female - 10 months and 2 weeks

Ella came to us from a Sydney pound as a scared girl. She is currently in foster care and gaining confidence. She loves a few pats in short bursts but she will swipe you away once she has had enough. She will need a little time and attention on your social behaviours but should make for a great companion.

She has been desexed, and received 2 vaccinations.
She is microchipped, wormed and flea treated,

Located at Acacia Gardens

Ella has been in foster care since 12 September 2018, for 4 months



Domestic Medium Hair - female - 1 year and 9 months

Jill came into foster care in Sept 2018 as a pregnant cat from the pound. She has raised some beautiful kittens and has been a great mumma cat.

Jill is now searching for her forever home.
If you would like to arrange to meet Jill, please contact us.

Jill is microchipped, vaccinated, desexed.

Located near Windsor NSW

Jill has been in foster care since 12 September 2018, for 4 months