Cats in our Care

These cats and kittens have been rescued from various pounds and shelters by volunteer foster carers who provide the cat with a safe haven until they can be permanently rehomed. Cats are located throughout Sydney, Australia.

Please note that descriptions of breed, age and size are given in good faith and are based on assessment of the cat's features, together with veterinary opinion. We cannot guarantee the age and breed of any cats listed.

All cats listed come desexed, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped.

Kittens will only be rehomed when over 8 weeks of age and over 1kg in weight.

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dsh - female - 1 year and 8 months

Penny's personality is the most gentle I've ever come across in a kitty. Even after she'd been with us for only a short time, she purred very fast and very loudly when picked up. She is generally shy with new people though, so her furever family may have to give her a couple of weeks to settle, to allow her to gain the confidence that she's safe and loved. Penny does love playing with toys, and happily eats whatever cat food is on offer.

Although she doesn’t realise it herself, Penny walks with a very unusual gait. (See Video). After a thorough vet check-up, including x-rays, the vet has ruled out any problems with her bones and joints. Instead the vet thinks it may be neurological, and in any event, thankfully, it causes no pain and Penny is perfectly happy the way she is!

Penny does have strength in those back legs, as she loves to stand up on them so she can see what might be of interest up the bench - taking her full body weight. Fortunately, she hasn’t learnt yet to jump up on the furniture, but ,when she decides to chase her feline foster friends, Penny just launches herself straight at them from her sleeping position.

Penny has enjoyed being an indoor kitty to date, and because she doesn’t realise her legs won’t run fast enough to get away from dangerous situations, her new furever home must also be indoors. She does love her cat buddies, and is also living harmoniously with her carer’s large cat friendly dogs, so a family (be it large, a couple or a single person) with existing potential playmates may well find her a wonderful companion. Because Penny is very gentle, however, any animal friends should not play rough.

Penny is microchipped, and her vaccinations are up to date. Her adoption fee includes de-sexing.

If you would like to meet this special kitty at her foster home in Glenhaven , please call her carer Jeni to arrange a time.

Penny has been in foster care since 20 July 2018, for 1.3 years



Domestic Short Hair - female - 1 year and 3 months

Ivy was born in care to Polly the Mumma cat who we also rescued.

Ivy had a difficult start to life and has faced some obstacles but has overcome them. She can be a little shy but likes company and will rub around your legs for attention. She does not like being picked up and hates being put into a cat carrier. But in a home where she is comfortable and where she trusts you then will be a good friendly cat.

Ivy has had a vet checkup 4/10 and has been given a clean bill of health. Its recommended that Ivy remains on a good quality Oral heath type of food.

She has been fully vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and desexed.

Ivy has been in foster care since 15 December 2018, for 11 months



Domestic Short Hair - female - 1 year and 3 months

This is Charlotte: she is a striking Tortoiseshell little girl who loves affection and is beautiful inside and out. Initially, shy with new people, she’ll come running over to be near her humans once she has warmed to them.

She has been living with a vet nurse as her foster carer, so is in tip top condition… and has happily been around children of 5 and 2 years old. Charlotte does enjoy playing with her toys with them all, which also has helped to gain her trust. Oh, and she loves her food.

Charlotte would fit very comfortably with a family with children who are not too boisterous, but equally could share her love with singles or couples since she is quite independent and can find things to keep her occupied (like the laundry basket in the photo!). Charlotte has been raised as an indoor only kitty, so her furever home needs to be indoor only too. She is untested with other animals as yet.

Charlotte is microchipped, de-sexed and up to date with her vaccinations. Please contact her carer, Heather, to arrange a meet and greet in her Castle Hill foster home.

Charlotte has been in foster care since 16 March 2019, for 8 months

Sunday and Olly

Sunday and Olly

DSH - male - 1 year

Available separately or as a pair. These siblings have been around people since they were born but have mostly lived outside with their mother. I have been working really hard to socialise them and they are coming along really well, however may need some extra time to adjust to spending much time indoors. They do come in and stay the night and are very affectionate now.

They use a litter tray, and mostly pretty good with that.

I would love to see them go to a loving home! They are such lovely natured little ones!

Sunday and Olly each come vaccinated, microchipped and desexed.



domestic short hair cat - female - 9 months and 1 weeks

Dixie is is now 8 months old, with very unusual cream/ champagne colour fur.

She is very very shy, still waiting to discover her sparkly personality.

Dixie is a very healthy and likes the company of other cats.

Dixie is microchipped, vaccinated and desexed .

Dixie has been in foster care since 15 June 2019, for 5 months

Ziggy & Casper

Ziggy & Casper

DSH - mixed - 7 months and 2 weeks

Ziggy and Casper are very pretty young cats. They are pure white except for a grey slash on the top of their head.

Ziggy loves life and is always looking for a game to play. She is very affectionate but gets scared when someone new comes around. She has settled very well into her foster home and gets on well with everyone else in the house, cats and people.

Casper is a little bit scared when someone new comes around but when he is left to himself, he enjoys climbing in a lap for a purring cuddle. Casper gets a little bit anxious when he cannot see his siblings and therefore would be better finding a home with Ziggy

They are microchipped, vaccinated and desexed.

Ziggy & Casper has been in foster care since 21 July 2019, for 3 months

Mr Leo

Mr Leo

DSH - male - 1 year and 2 months

Mr Leo (king of the world) loves being the centre of attention.

Mr Leo would suit being on his own as he likes to have your full attention. He prefers being an indoor/outdoor cat and has a beautiful nature.

Mr Leo comes vaccinated, microchipped and desexed.



DSH - female - 2 months and 4 weeks

Maddi is the sweetest pocket rocket, only still when she's sleeping.
Silver tabby with beautiful markings.
Gets along great with her foster kittens and foster carers bigger cats.
Loves play time and at night when sleepy loves a pet and smooch.
Likes to be involved in everything and will only be handled for short periods ( she has to much to do and see) 😁

Maddi is ready and waiting to meet her new furever family, however will not be available for adoption until she is desexed, approximately early December.

Maddi has been in foster care since 19 September 2019, for 2 months

Sir Meowsalot

Sir Meowsalot

Domestic Medium Hair - mixed - 3 months

If you want a kitten with character look no further than Sir Meowsalot. Sir Meowsalot likes to have a chat but isn’t too chatty, of his litter he is the kitten more attracted to spending time with humans while still enjoying the company of his siblings. If you are not giving Sir Meowsalot enough attention he may give you a little ‘love-nip’ and say ‘hey look at me’. If you enjoy a sleep-in, Sir Meowsalot may not be the kitten for you, but if you want an active kitten to make you laugh he is your man. There aren't as many photo's of Sir Meowsalot because he doesn't stand still for long, apart from the end of the day when he has worn himself out, but when he sees the camera he is up and at it again.

Sir Meowsalot has been raised in foster care from a very young age, with his siblings Mooshu, Moonpie and Miss Fluffybut.

Sir Meowsalot can play either alone or with his siblings and has on occasion the resident dogs. Sir Meowsalot is comfortable being cuddled and held, and enjoys a belly rub or chin scratch and sleeps on his foster mums bed of a night, sometimes even demanding to crawl under the covers.

Sir Meowsalot is fully litter trained and has been fostered alongside his 3 siblings, 2 dogs and multiple older cats, and is comfortable with them all.

Sir Meowsalot’s adoption includes desexing, microchipping and vaccinations while in care and he will be up to date with both worm and flea treatments when adopted.

Sir Meowsalot is available to meet now at PetStock Penrith.

Sir Meowsalot has been in foster care since 19 September 2019, for 2 months



Domestic Medium Hair - mixed - 3 months

Moonpie is an old soul in a kitten body; she is the big girl of the litter, and is a calm and relaxed kitten. Moonpie has been raised in foster care from a very young age, with her siblings Mooshu, Mr Meowsalot and Miss Fluffybut.

Moonpie‘s little personality is starting to develop, showing that she has a lovely calm but independent nature, she is not a needy in your face type of cat. Moonpie is more than happy to have a game and interact with humans, her cat teasers and toys, and when she is done she will find somewhere quiet to have a nap (usually in a different room in the house). Moonpie sleeps with her foster mum at night and enjoys a chin or belly rub, and while she tolerates being picked up and given a quick cuddle she isn’t fan of being held for a long duration.

Moonpie is happy to rampage with her siblings or the much larger foster cats in the home and is relaxed around the resident dogs.

Moonpie is fully litter trained and has been fostered alongside her 3 siblings, 2 dogs and multiple older cats, and is comfortable with them all.

Moonpie’s adoption includes desexing, microchipping and vaccinations while in care and she will be up to date with both worm and flea treatments when adopted.

Moonpie is available to adopt and you can meet her now at her foster home in Bligh Park.

Moonpie has been in foster care since 19 September 2019, for 2 months