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French bulldog - female - 10 months and 2 weeks

Chloe is a very bouncy, fun loving little girl who can’t keep still
She loves attention and is happy to snuggle up with you on the lounge
Chloe had a very bad start to life as she was an outside dog only and was subsequently abandoned by her previous owners
As a result of this, Chloe is not house trained and would benefit from some form of formal training
Chloe is very selective in the dog friends that she chooses to make however she loves everybody. She would be happier in a single dog family where she has your undivided attention

Chloe has been in foster care since 19 April 2024, for 2 days



Leonberger x Pyrenean Mountain - female - 8 years and 6 months

The beautiful Miss Lupa is sadly in need of a new home for her retirement years.

After 8 years she has suddenly developed a dislike for her owner’s 15 year old staffy girl, who is quite frail, quite possibly she is re-acting to the staffy being unwell. Her owner understandably needs to put the staffy first and thus sadly needs a new home for Lupa.

Lupa has otherwise always been good with other dogs. She is a bit shy meeting new people but quickly warms up to them, including kids (this can be quite typical of the breed). It is unknown what she is like with cats, but she does not chase Roos. She loves swimming, going to the park and is fine with vet visits. she is desexed and passed a vet check very recently.

Ideally a home for her would be one experienced with big dogs, with no other girl dogs to be on the safe side - perhaps a male of similar size would be ok. She is currently located in the ACT. Please contact me if you think you are the right home for this beautiful senior girl and I will put you in touch with her owners for a meet and greet.