Rehomed Cats

The cats listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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Domestic Short Hair - male

Hi, my name is Ares! I’m very vocal and affectionate. I’ll tell you all about my day and how much I enjoy to be patted. Loves his cuddles and to play with his toys.

Teaser toys and his stuffed teddy are his favourites.
Loves to run through the tunnel and roll around it

Can be good with kids and other cats but is just a little timdid so will need proper slow introductions.

Located at the PETstock Adoption Enclosure @ Penrith

Ares was adopted on 23 August 2018 after 3 weeks in foster care



DSH - male

Mishka is a very sweet, adventurous and playful tabby boy. He loves his foster family, and his favourite thing is to spend time with people and his feline friends. He is very affectionate, and great with children. Cuddles are rewarded with lots of loud purrs.

If Mishka has the chance, he will follow you around, and play with you all day long. Otherwise, he just gets on and entertains himself….. often by visiting the sink to lap at or play with the water from the tap!

In case you’re wondering, the name Mishka is used to describe cute, cuddly little bears - whether boy or girl. He would love to share his cuddles with his own furever family, and, now 6 month’s old, he is well trained and would be very suited to a family with children and possibly with other furry friends. That said, he would fit into any indoor-only environment where plenty of Mishka time was available.

Mishka is microchipped and up to date with all vet requirements. His adoption fee includes de-sexing.

If you’d like to arrange to meet Mishka at his Rhodes foster home, please contact Megan.

Mishka was adopted on 23 August 2018 after 4 months in foster care



Domestic Medium-Long Hair - male

My life started on the streets with my mum, sisters and brother. Luckily for my family, we were caught and cared for through DCH Animal adoptions. I was only 7 weeks old when my carer fostered me. I have had the best family home environment with heaps of cuddles, brushes and lots of playing.
My favourite things:
I love to play in shoes.
I help fold the washing in the basket (it’s a fun game)
Chase paper and toys
When tired, I love a cuddle in a warm lap
I have only lived indoors so I am an indoors only cat. I have loved with a dog in the home.

Desexed, Vaccinated (1st), Microchipped, Wormed.

Located at the PETstock Marsden Park Cat adoption program.

Max was adopted on 20 August 2018 after 1 day in foster care



Ragdoll - female

She inst a cuddler cat she like to be held for a minute for a quick cuddle that's about it. She would rather sit in the floor next to you sleeping. She likes to follow you around and like attention.

Luna gets fed biscuits in the morning, and gets her dinner at 6 every night. She only eats Dine succulent chicken wet food and whiskas biscuits. Everything else gives her the runs

Seal point/ Chocolate Ragdoll possible Cross
DOB 25/9/17
Vaccination due 16/1/19
OK with Kids
OK with another cats
House trained
Living Indoors Only
Location: Sydney

Reason for Surrender to Animal Rescue
Was given as an unwanted gift for a daughter's birthday in December and due to changing circumstances needs a new home

**Luna is available to be adopted into a new home from approx mid August**

Luna was adopted on 19 August 2018 after 3 weeks in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

In many countries, including England and Japan, black cats bring you luck; for sure the human who adopts Ebz will be one very lucky person.

Now over 2 years old, Ebz has become a very affectionate feline companion, who loves nothing more than spending time with her human family.

Her favourite thing to do is to snuggle or curl up on a lap for her naps, but in between she is still fun loving and playful. Ebz is rather fond of her food, too.

Ebz has lived with other cats since she was a kitten, so she is happy to share her new home with other felines, and will fit in easily with a family, or equally, with a one or two person household. She is happy in an indoor only home, but can go out in an environment safe for black cats (who don’t show up well on roads!) as long as she is brought in at night to sleep close to her family.

Ebz is already de-sexed and microchipped, and is up to date on all her vet requirements.

Ebz is currently available for viewing in the PETstock Macquarie Center (North Ryde) adoption program

Ebz was adopted on 19 August 2018 after 2.2 years in foster care



domestic short hair - male

Larry was 2 weeks old when he was found dumped along with his sister (Lola) and handed into Narwee Vets. Foster carer Gabby took them on board and hand raised them.

It is now time for a loving forever home. He is a very adventurous kitten always looking for something to play with. He loves exploring new places but takes his time to become comfortable in them. Larry loves to play with string keeping him entertained for hours! Lola and Larry enjoy each other’s company and always find new ways to get up to mischief together.

Larry is vaccinated, micro chipped, and will be de-sexed soon, when a small hernia will also be removed.

If you are interested in meeting Larry he is in care at Padstow NSW.
Please contact Gabby on 0432350298.

Larry was adopted on 17 August 2018 after 5 months in foster care



DMH - female

**Foster Carer Needed**

Phoebe is a much loved family pet, desexed, microchipped and vaccinated. Unfortuantely her family is moving overseas in July and can't take her with them.

Phoebe is a lovely girl once she gets to know you, she can be shy when first meeting and although she doesn't love being hugged and cuddled she does enjoy pats and affection from her family, and is best with older kids or adults as little kids make too much noise for her.

Phoebe usually plays outdoor during the day and sleeps indoor.

If you can offer Phoebe a safe new home please contact us.

Corby (the Chilled)

Corby (the Chilled)

Domestic Short Hair - male

Corby and 3 kitten siblings were rescued from the cold outdoors, after being born in a cat colony at Austral. Luckily, these fur babies have been handled since they were babies, and are trusting of people and becoming friendlier each day. All 4 kittens are dog-friendly with 2 Golden Retrievers, and also get along with both our male and female adult rescue cats. They also live Indoors now, quite happily, and love to play on cat towers and in cat tunnels!

Corby is litter trained and a typical big smooch, who will rub against your legs and purr, once he has met you. He also has a beautifully luxurious soft and silky coat, and will look deep into your eyes until you cuddle him!

Corby is a large Ginger & White kitten that is very chilled out and loves to be carried around. If you would like to meet this little boy, or find out more, please contact Nikki

Corby (the Chilled) was adopted on 12 August 2018 after 1 month in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

Ivy was rescued from a pound at around 3.5 weeks of age back in October 2017.

She has been previously adopted with a family since December 2017 until June 2018 and unfortunately is now looking for a new family.

Ivy is a beautiful cat and is very playful and has a great purr.
She loves to play and enjoys exploring.

She is probably best in a home without very young children as they seem to stress her out a little. She has not had any exposure to a dog so get is best in a home without a dog as she gets scared of them.

She also needs an enclosed litter tray as she tends to not sit low enough and can miss the tray unless its an enclosed tray. She has had some toileting issues and its suggested to ensure she has 2 litter trays available which are kept fairly clean.

She has been desexed, vaccinated, microchopped, wormed and flea treated.
She has had a cyst removed from her ovaries when she was desexed.
She currently weighs around 3KG.

Ivy can be visited in the PETstock Macquarie Shopping Centre Store (North Ryde) during business hours.

Ivy was adopted on 11 August 2018 after 1 month in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - male

This kitten was saved by a member of the public and taken into a vet clinic at 3-4 weeks of age. They spent a week in the vet clinic where the helped the kittens to put on weight and to gain some strength. DCH took over the care of the kittens from the vet and continued their care.

These kittens are healthy, happy, friendly and playful.
They have great personalities, like to play and really like to explore.
They like company and will purr loudly and quickly for their foster carer.

They are currently eating Advanced Kitten Dry food as well as various wet food. Their favourite wet food at the moment is Felix Tuna flavour in the soft pouches. They also really enjoy some raw minced meat each day and the occasional shredded boiled chicken. They are currently still drinking Whiskas Kitten Milk. They use the litter tray but as they are young will still need further encouragement especially when carried away in play. They are on breeders choice paper litter.

Vaccinated: 3/8/18. Next Due 3/9/18. 1st Vaccination Only is included in the adoption fee. A further 2 vaccinations are required to be provided by the new owner

Location: Available for viewing and Adoption at PETstock Marsden Park in the adoption enclosure.

Zac was adopted on 11 August 2018 after 1 month in foster care