Rehomed Cats

The cats listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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DSH - male

Ricky ..... all i can say is .... DIVINE .....DIVINE .... DIVINE . He is a beautiful . friendly , playful . cheeky little man.

Ricky has been brought up with his 2 sisters and an adult female cat (to whom he shows the utmost respect ) and 3 dogs . He gets on great with his canine foster sisters .

Ricky is a stunning little man and he will grow up to be a very handsome cat. He uses his litter tray like a champion.

Ricky would have to be one of the easiest kittens I have ever fostered .. I really cant fault him.

Ricky has had his first vaccination and is microchipped , his adoption fee includes desexing .

So if your looking for the perfect feline companion you cant go past this one.

He will be ready to leave my care in about 2 weeks when he is 8 weeks old , so if you would like a meet and greet please give me a call

Ricky was adopted on 07 November 2017 after 2 weeks in foster care



DMH - male

This kitten will be available from early to mid November once desexed. This listing will be updated once the kitten is available for adoption.

The kitten will have had its 1st vaccination, desexing, microchip and health check.

This kitten was rescued from a Shelter on 09/10/2017.

He has a beautiful personality and has been a very healthy and happy kitten

Update 26/10. Louise has had 5-6 expressions of interest. I have placed his listing on hold.

Update 2/11. He is now 936 grams and getting closer to being ready for adoption. He is still on hold.

Louie was adopted on 06 November 2017 after 4 weeks in foster care



DSH - female

Suzie is a sweet, affectionate, playful little girl. She is confident and loves to play and interact with people, children and other kittens. Suzie has a very healthy appetite and is very enthusiastic about her meals! She purrs as soon as her foster mum enters her room and likes nothing more than to be picked up and given lots of cuddles and kisses. Suzie is being fed the highest-quality premium kitten food so she can grow big and strong as she is a very tiny girl. She is looking to be rehomed in a safe, loving, indoor-only home.

Suzie is litter-trained, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated and will be desexed when she is a little bigger. If you would like to meet this friendly, happy girl please contact her foster carer for a meet and greet. She is located in Glenmore Park, NSW, and will be available to adopt mid November.

Suzie was adopted on 06 November 2017 after 2 weeks in foster care



DSH - female

Kimiko is a playful, energetic, feisty little girl who loves playing with people and running and chasing other kittens. If you’re looking for a kitten full of spunk, attitude and entertainment Kimiko would be the one for you! She is looking for a safe, indoor-only home and one where she can have access to outdoor life when she’s older through a cat enclosure/cat run. Kimiko has just entered care and is getting used to the older adult cats that live in her foster home. She has grown up with little dogs and children in her previous home before she was surrendered.

Kimiko is litter-trained, vaccinated, microchipped and is up to date with her flea and worm treatments. She will be desexed when she is a little bigger. If you would like to meet Kimiko please contact her foster carer for a meet and greet. She is located in Glenmore Park, NSW, and will be available to adopt from mid November.

Kimiko was adopted on 06 November 2017 after 2 weeks in foster care



DMH - female

One of the other cats at Pearls foster home has started stalking and chasing poor Pearl, so she needs a forever home asap or she might have to be kennelled to avoid her getting too stressed.

Pearl is a nice natured cat who is on the shy side, once she gets to know you (took about 2 days for her current carer) she comes up for pats, is gentle and really enjoys company and affection. She is getting used to dogs and she is fine with other cats.

Pearls ideal home will allow her some access to outside (after she has settled in) as she does like to nap in the sun occasionally.

She is only a small cat but she is a very pretty, sweet girl who deserves a chance at her own forever home.

Pearl was adopted on 02 November 2017 after 5 months in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

Mischief has been in foster care since October 2016, after she was rescued by a good Samaritan after being left for dead with her 7 kittens, unfortunately only 5 kittens survived but they have all now found homes. Mischief could have a little mix of oriental in her as she is a long cat and likes to talk.

It's now Mischief's turn to find her forever home

Mischief was named by her rescuer.

Mischief is a friendly cat and likes attention, being still young herself Mischief loves playing with kitten toys and is often running through her foster carers house playing with toy mice, balls and cat puzzles. Mischief loves interacting with people, and many nights will bring her toy mouse or bird to to her carer - while 'talking' about how clever she is.

Mischief lives with both adult cats and kittens, and warms to them quite quickly. While Mischief lives with 2 puppies they are a little boisterous for her, and while she has settled and has learnt to deal with their antics they can sometimes be a little too much for her.

Mischief would suit a home with either another cat friend or she would be just as happy (if not more so) in a single cat household.

While Mischief does have short supervised adventures outside, she is easily startled and becomes frightened in the outside world and unable to find her back inside, so we would like her to go into an indoor only home.

Located in Bligh Park NSW

Mischief was adopted on 29 October 2017 after 1 year in foster care

Hellie AKA hells bells AKA daredevil

Hellie AKA hells bells AKA daredevil

Domestic short hair - male

Hellie is a little blind kittie that relies on his hearing to function hence the name daredevil. He is very capable on his own and only runs into things when he is not concentrating. Super affectionate and sweet, he also has a playful side and loves jumping and attacking things. He is very vocal as that and your footsteps are the only way for him to find you so he will speak to me all morning and follow me around the house. He doesn't like to be alone and cries when I leave. Therefore I suspect he will do better in a household with other pets that can give him some attention. Unfortunately, hellie is blind and DCH will be paying for his eyes to be removed when he is desexed. In the meantime he has to have drops 4 times a day. He is not disabled at all but this little one is going to need some TLC in the future. Come meet this kickass kitten for yourself!

*Hellie required surgery to eyes to avoid complications in the future. The surgery was a success and as he is used to having no sight there should be no further issues for this special little boy. His vet fees have come to just over $750. If you can help sponsor Hellie we'd love to hear from you*

Hellie AKA hells bells AKA daredevil was adopted on 22 October 2017 after 4 months in foster care



tabby - female

Luscious and hugely affectionate, Raven has the temperament of Nivarna and the body of Monroe. Forget sleek and minimal, this lady is curvaceous and generous with all she has to offer. Raven moves gracefully and quietly around the house in a sort of peaceful limbo. Finds her way to your side then waits patiently for your touch and caress, she snuggles in, you’ll find it all too hard to resist her loving open nature....this cat is incredibly loving and relaxed.
Raven’s weakness is the gentle stroking of her nose tip up to her beautifully marked forehead and her belly rubs. Those eyes, have you ever seem such big yellow eyes, her gaze warm and meaningful, truly, words cannot describe how openly vulnerable and trusting this cats nature is.
At the moment she is being loved and cared for in a family situation where she has adapted extremely well to moderate background noise and movement. Raven can be startled by yelling and loud noises, this being an unfavorable environment for all animals. Raven lives indoors and loves gazing out of windows, just lazily watching life go by. Fully house trained and prefers the use of flush able paper litter for her deposits. We are looking to re home Raven to a very caring and loving family or persons. She is a cat that needs just that bit more love and attention than most as she has such a giving capacity of herself. I cannot imagine any person who is looking for the loving companionship of a feline species not to be in awe of this cat’s generosity to love and be loved. Raven is an indoor cat.
Raven is being cared for in Silverwater NSW. Contact is Traudy 0415539984 DCH Foster Co Ordinatior.

Raven was adopted on 22 October 2017 after 2 months in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

Cleo is a friendly 1.5 to 2 year old female cat.
She is affectionate and looks for human company. She pretty much comes up to anyone for pats. She likes to walk around her feet and rub against you.

She has been desexed, microchipped and has had her 1st vaccination. She has had a Revolution Flea treatment.

Cleo has been surrendered to DCH for us to find her a new forever home. Her previous owner helped to privately rescue her but she is now ready for a forever home. She would be suitable for an indoor/outdoor home.

Cleo is believed to have had at least 1 litter of kittens before she was desexed.
She uses the litter tray and should make for a suitable companion.
She eats really well and enjoys some raw meat.

She is best in a home without other animals as other animals can upset her. She seems to get upset over other female cats.

Currently Located in the PETstock Marsden Park Store.

Cleo was adopted on 14 October 2017 after 3 weeks in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

Thorne is a beautiful looking, super affectionate cat. She loves all types of people, especially children, the more the meerier! Thorne is definetly the boss of the cat crew here and likes to hang with people more than her cat buddies. She enjoys lazing around both inside and out and looks forward to her meals. I would have to say her most favourite thing above all is lots and lots of pats and cuddles.

Located at the Petstock Marsden Park Store in the Pet Adoption area.

Thorne was adopted on 29 September 2017 after 1 month in foster care