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Rehomed Cats

The cats listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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Domestic Medium Hair - female

Amy is a beautiful Tortoiseshell kitten currently approx. 7 weeks old. She was rescued from Blacktown pound.

Amy is a medium hair kitten.

She has only been in foster care for a week however she is adapting to her new surroundings very well.

She is a very playful kitten and appears to be in great health. She is being socialised with 2 kids who love playing with her. Amy is slowly coming out of her shell and will cry out for attention and loves our company at the moment. She is still getting used to being around us but over the last few days has started to purr very well and loves the attention. She is still a little shy around us at times however that should change over the coming weeks as she finishes adjusting.

She is eating well and using the kitty litter.

She is going to be a great addition to a family that can love her and provide her lots of attention.

Please review the video to see some short snippets of her playing with a toy.

Amy will be available for adoption in late September to early October after she is over 1kg in weight. She will be approx. 9-11 weeks old at the time of adoption. If you’re interested in adopting Amy you will need to be patient until she is ready to be adopted however inquiries are welcome now.

Amy was adopted on 21 September 2014 after 3 weeks in foster care



DSH X Oriental - male

Oh WOW!!!!

Tigger is such a friendly guy, I just got him home and he's so affection full of purrs.

Because he's already been desexed, we've wormed him, flea treated him & he has had his first vaccination, You can come and meet him as soon as you'd like, he can leave as soon as he's mandatory 2weeks is up.

Tigger would best be suit to unit life as an indoor only and walked on a lead cat.

Anyone who gets this little man as their new family member will fall absolutely in love with his amazing personality and beautiful coat.

Please feel free to txt or E-mail me to set up a meet and greet, but hurry because with his character and looks he will be snapped up quickly.

Tigger was adopted on 15 September 2014 after 2 weeks in foster care

Dee Dee

Dee Dee

DSH - female

Dee Dee the only girl with 3 brothers Calvin, Merlin and Tango definitely the most delicate and littlest out of the 4 you can really tell she is the girl.If Dee Dee could wear makeup and high heels i think she would. I often sit there imagining Dee Dee in front of a mirror putting her lippy on and combing her beautiful soft fur. Like her brothers Dee Dee is a real gentle girl, loves the company of everyone this includes children, dogs as she lives in a household of 5 of them and one very cheeky naughty Magpie who loves to pull ears and tails. Dee Dee loves to cuddle up on your lap and will lovingly look up at you with lovey looks. So if you are looking for a gentle little girl who is children,dog and bird friendly also house trained Dee Dee is your girly girl.

Dee Dee was adopted on 11 September 2014 after 8 months in foster care



DSH - female

Smidge is a wonderful little girl who was born on the 2nd October, 2013 and is ready to go to her new home now. She loves to explore, gets on well with other cats and is a delight to have around. She is easy going, cheeky and very playful.

Smidge is often zooming around the house, entertaining herself. But she also likes to cuddle with her people at the end of the day. She is very good with her carer's 2 dogs. She likes to cuddle with them, wash their ears and faces and also wrestles with them sometimes.

Smidge is probably not suitable as an only pet unless her human is home a lot. She does get lonely if left alone for long periods of time. So far she has been an indoor only cat, but likes to sit and watch the going-ons outside through the window or screen door.

She would love to go to her very own forever “indoor only” home, she is already litter trained.


Smidge was adopted on 11 September 2014 after 8 months in foster care



DSH - female

Lily's a lovely well behaved girl. She has huge yellow eyes, a very soft coat and a big purr.
During the day she likes to go outside to explore and sunbake as she pleases. She always sleeps inside at night. She tried living in an apartment once, but found it too stressful. So she would like to find a new owner that lives in a house, or has access to a garden, where she can come and go safely.

Lilys elderly foster carer says she is very gentle. She never scratches, bites or claws, kind to people and furniture.

She has met a couple of young children and remained gentle, but wasn't really interested in extended kitten type play, or being picked up all the time either.

She does like to chase her ball and have a run around after dinner before she climbs on her carers knee for a cuddle.

Lily loves quiet company, but is social enough that she pops in to say hello to neighbours and doesn't run when visitors come calling.

Her best match would likely be a retired person(s). But if you think your home and Lily would be a good fit too and you can provide her love and care, please call for more details.

Lily was adopted on 10 September 2014 after 1.3 years in foster care



DSH - male

Boy is used to being indoor/outdoor and he is looking for a new home due to his owners current health issues. He comes desexed and microchipped.



DSH - female

Nala is a very playful, affectionate, gorgeous little girl with eyes like a bush baby. She was rescued from death row as an 8 month old kitten. She loves playing with her toys chasing her feline friends around the house and is the perfect lap cat. She is very talkative and has a wonderful temperament.

Although she loves cuddles and affection, she also enjoys her time alone curled up on the bottom of the bed. Nala would suit most households and gets along well with children and other household pets. However, she will need to be an indoor cat as is very curious and may tend to wander.

Nala was adopted on 30 August 2014 after 2 months in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

Lois is a beautiful girl, we received Lois from the pound as a surrender, she was very young herself and she had already had 5 beautiful kittens, she is inspiring how much of a great mum to her kittens and sweet natured affectionate girl she has proven to be.

She is looking for a home of her own with people who will love and nurture her as well as she did for her kittens, we want the very best for this sweet, affectionate girl.

Lois was adopted on 30 August 2014 after 9 months in foster care



DSH - male

Chopper is a fantastic little kitten who is very vocal & has something to say about everything whether its for food or he just wants me to sit down so I can cuddle him.

Never ask him what’s wrong because he will tell you.

I have had Chopper in care since he was 2 weeks old & he has been bottle fed until he was 6 weeks old which I find makes for very affectionate little kittens & cats

Chopper has personality plus & gives everything he does 100% whether its playing with his toys, his foster brothers or cuddling up with me which he does often.He lives with my 2 older cats & maltese dog & is very well socialised.

He uses his kitty litter, eats wet & dry kitten food, loves to play with his toys, is vaccinated, wormed, microchipped & is just a great little kitten.

Chopper is currently at Banksia & would love to meet you.

Chopper was adopted on 23 August 2014 after 8 months in foster care



DLH - female

Cleo is a beautiful, de sexed, blue torti, long haired female cat with golden colored eyes. She came to me with a litter of 3 babies, all who have been rehomed now.

She is very verbal and affectionate gentle girl. She will tap you on the shoulder in the morning to wake you up for breakfast.

She is a very quiet and well behaved indoor cat.

Cleo always has used the kitty litter, not fussy about which litter she uses.

Cleo only eats dry food (so no need to buy messy wet cat food).

She is fine left alone indoors by herself for the day.

Low maintenance cat.

Cleo gets along well with cats and dogs

She would make a lovely companion to another friendly cat.

Cleo was adopted on 22 August 2014 after 1.3 years in foster care