Rehomed Dogs

The dogs listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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Jack Russell X Pomeranian - female

Bella is a beautiful natured dog who is a little bit on the shy side.
She is the mother to two beautiful pups who were born at the pound.
We don't know much about her background other than she was impounded while pregnant and give birth at the pound and we picked her up the day her puppies were born.

Bella loves company and is great to have around the home.
She is house trained and loves to have access to both indoors and outdoors but will sleep indoors.

She is shy on a lead and will need time to build her confidence on a lead.

She is good with kids and other animals.

Located in Acacia Gardens

27/2/21 - Update. Bella has been adopted and has started her 2 week adoption trial period.

Bella was adopted on 27 February 2021 after 2 months in foster care



Fox terrier - male

Update: 20/12. Adoption pending.

I have come in from the pound around 3 weeks ago. I am extremely timid and scared and am only just getting used to my new surroundings.

I am going to need a very special owner to love and care for me, someone who will spend the time continuing the work my foster carer is doing to help me face my fears. Noises really scare me and as of now I only feel safe hiding near a corner. Unfortunately I am unable to tell anyone why I am so scared like this. They are assuming I may have come from a not so friendly home and environment towards me.

I really love to interact with the resident doggy and I get on well with the 2 resident cats so I would love a home with another friendly dog. He has helped me gain some confidence.

I am currently taking anxiety meds to Help me overcome my fears. I
Have started to enjoy running around the backyard supervised.

I am unable to tell anyone my age so the vets have estimated I am anywhere from age 8 upwards. I have a mild heart murmur which doesn’t affect me and I don’t require meds for at this point in time. I have had tests done and my other organs are all healthy.

I will need a desex and my teeth cleaned prior to Being rehomed. I am going to stay with my foster carer until January so she can continue helping me face my fears however will be looking for a home after this to continue it.

Please contact my foster carer Jeanette with expressions of interest and provide some details around the type of home you can offer me.
Email contact only please as I am working and cannot answer the mobile.

Banjo was adopted on 31 January 2021 after 1 month in foster care



Staffy cross - male

Jasper was born in care after his mum was found wandering the streets when she was pregnant. Shortly after, jasper and his brothers and sisters were born.

Jasper loves to play and to give cuddles. He enjoys his chews and is desperately waiting go become a part of a family. If you can give jasper the home he deserves then please contact his carer

Jasper was adopted on 23 January 2021 after 1 weeks in foster care



Chihuahua (Smooth) - female

Pippa is senior gal looking for a forever family that will include her in their everyday life as she hasn’t had the best experiences with people so far.

As such she does suffer from separation anxiety and is a bit unsure of new people so a quiet household with her favourite people being home more often then not is essential.

Pippa loves nothing more than snuggling up with her favourite toy on a comfy bed getting belly rubs.
Being an older gal her exercise requirements are minimal although she enjoys a leisurely stroll on the daily.

She suffers from stiffness in the back legs and some mild arthritis which will require ongoing management and a natural diet.

For any further information please contact us.

Pipa was adopted on 28 December 2020 after 1 month in foster care



Mini Foxi X - male

Harley is a beautiful Mini Foxi who has found himself in need of a new home.

He was hit by a motorbike in November and was rushed to a 24X7 hospital by a good Samaritan who helped him and got him to the vets. The vets took great care of Harley for a week to help him recover from his injuries. They discovered via x-ray that he has a broken pelvis and is on a mandated rest and recovery period to recover from his injury but is not on any medications or treatments.

After a week in hospital he was sent to the pound as an un-microchipped stray as no owner had come looking for him at the vets. Harley remained at the pound for his impound period but unfortunately he was not claimed by his owner and has been released to rescue to rehome him once he has finished recovering.

Harley is a smart dog and is very friendly. His tail is always wagging and is a happy dog. He knows "Up" when your sitting down and will jump up into your lap for a cuddle. He will beg for treats and attention. He walks well on a lead.

He has a strong attachment to his humans and gets anxious when they go out of site so has some separation anxiety. He seems to be ok with a similar sized female dog and they are currently getting along ok.

Based on his current personality we would like to rehome him into a home with no other dogs and with an owner who is home more often than not. An experienced dog owner is probably ideal. Harley will need some time to adjust and settle into a new life and we just need to find the right home for him. He will need a home with a secure yard and fencing and will need to be able to be an indoors/outdoors dog as he needs to be near his human. He is best in a home without cats as he seems to want to get at them and will probably chase them if given an opportunity. He does not like having his mouth or side of the face touched. He would be best in a home without young children but seems to be ok with him as he is more interested in what the adults are doing.

Harley has been comfortable in a car in his past life as he gets very excited when near the car and when you open the door he wants to try and jump in.

Harley will be available for adoption once he has been desexed and had a heart worm test and been given the OK by the vets to be rehomed. Expressions of interest are welcome now.

He has received an F5 vaccination, worming and flea treatments and is now microchipped.

Located in the Quakers Hill area.

4/12 - Harley has been placed on Hold while we review enquiries that have been received.

Harley was adopted on 10 December 2020 after 1 weeks in foster care



Kelpie x Maremma - male

Sam is a beautiful boy who is one of a litter of 8 puppies. He is friendly and very playful. He is also a bit of an adventurer. He has been socialised with adult dogs, a variety of people and with general household noises. He will need a family who can give him lots of exercise and will continue with his socialisation. As with all dogs he will need training.

Sam was adopted on 02 December 2020 after 1 month in foster care



dog - male

Dash is one of litter of 8 puppies he is a beautiful energetic and playful puppy. He has been socialised with adult dogs, a variety of people as well as general household noises. He will need a family who has the time and energy to give him plenty of exercise, will continue with his socialisation and will devote time to train him.

Dash was adopted on 28 November 2020 after 4 weeks in foster care



Kelpie x Maremma - male

Jack is a beautiful boy that is one of a litter of 8 puppies. He will grow to be a big boy. He is friendly and energetic. He has been socialised with adult dogs and with a variety of individuals as well as with general household noises. He will need a family that can give him plenty of exercise and will continue with his socialisation. He will, like other dogs, need training.

Jack was adopted on 28 November 2020 after 4 weeks in foster care



Dachshund - male

Snapped up by foster carer:)

Max was adopted on 28 November 2020 after 2 days in foster care



Mini Foxie - female

Dixie's mumma, named Nova, came into DCH care to have her puppies in the safe environment of DCH foster care. She had her babies in a nice warm lounge room on a cold stormy night when she was able to enjoy a nice soft bed with the heater running to keep her babies warm.
She raised 5 beautiful Foxie Mini puppies.

Dixie was the 4th born of the litter but is the alpha of the litter. She was the first to eat on her own and the first to venture out of her nesting box. She is a very dominant dog who demands attention and pushes her way into things to make sure she never misses out.

She loves a good pat and will be a very loyal dog.
She has long and strong legs and allows her to jump the highest of the other puppies. She has a beauty spot on her back near her rear.

The vets have identified that she has a hernia which could require further surgery to repair the hernia if it does not resolve itself. This will need to be monitored and reviewed after 6-8 months of age. The vets reviewed the hernia and decided her muscle and tissue were too weak to attempt the repair at the moment and to review it later in life. If she requires additional surgery this will be at the new owners expense at a later time.

Dixie will have received all 3 puppy vaccinations and has been desexed, microchipped and treated with flea and worm prevention.

She is ready for adoption into a home where she can have access to indoors as well as outdoors and receive lots of cuddles and attention for the rest of her life.

Dixie will need obedience training and we would recommend attending a puppy school which she can now do as she had had all her vaccinations. She will need additional toilet training but is used to toileting on a synthetic grass matt and or puppy pads when inside.

Located in Acacia Gardens, NSW. Will only adopt locally within the Sydney area. In person meet and greets are required before being able to adopt and a property inspection maybe required. The foster carer would appreciate as much information as possible up front to help try and identify the most suitable home.

Adoption available after the 19th November.

Dixie was adopted on 23 November 2020 after 4 weeks in foster care